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There have been a lot of projects that have reached finalisation during this year. In the past there has always been a profound budget of millions to billions of rands allotted to different projects, which mostly entailed infrastructure, building, and smaller local projects.

Most of these local government projects included irrigation, water, sanitation, repairing roads, building bridges, as well as erecting buildings for public use. Opposition parties are joining, not in coalition, but rather in direct opposition to the local ruling officials that have been known by their capacity for tender rigging, corruption, theft and misuse of power, as well as nepotism and mismanagement connected with the misappropriation of municipal funds. Continue reading


The Local Municipality of Madibeng has been promising to upgrade the bus and taxi rank for years now. Ever since the municipality made these promises, the relevant department has not improved or upgraded the structure or bettered its conditions.MT05
Upgrading the public’s most popular transport system would be the way to go instead of wasting tax funds on a fancy office. These kind of responsibilities go hand in hand with sound financial management, determination to push through, and a deep sense of humanity. It seems to the community that Mr. Manaka is lacking in all these areas. Many MMCs were given the opportunity to upgrade the area, but never capitalised or acted thereupon. The former MMC for Public Safety, namely Montsho, was previously given the responsibility to make sure that the area was developed, but she failed to do so. The question is, will these areas ever receive the promised upgrading? It is important that taxi passengers and taxi owners and drivers feel secure in these locations and the refurbishment would significantly improve the environment. This will also benefit the owners in terms of business. Continue reading


Municipal councillors and officials are still battling to restore peace and harmony in the country especially in the municipality of Madibeng, this is due to lack of experience and proper qualifications for that matter.MT06

We have a number of councillors who were unable to provide what is needed by the communities, who could not be able to conduct community meeting but yet expect to receive salaries at the end of the month. South Africa today is witnessing protest after protest whereby people are being killed, whether be it by the police or by the public themselves. Early this year, we have seen members of the public protesting for service delivery in many parts of the country, as well as in Madibeng. Burning tyres have been the order of the day. Many use the dilemma as an opportunity for looting foreign national shops. recently South Africa has turned into a war zone with South Africans fighting against their brothers and sisters from other countries. That should not be the case, what is important is to prevent chaos before it happens. Continue reading


There is no proper control within this area. There have been several reports of people being scammed and robbed at gunpoint. Several incidents of drug peddling and robbery have been reported at the Behrens taxi rank.

The place is congested with many taxis running all over the streets preventing pedestrians from crossing the road safely. The community says there is a lack of police visibility in the area, therefore criminals gain advantage of the situation and rob shoppers in broad daylight. Shop owners are also complaining that they are being threatened by gangsters on a daily basis and the possibility of robbery and break-ins are high. There should be a Crime Prevention Unit patrolling the area 24-hours a day.
The conditions of the area is unacceptable with too many criminal activities taking place on a daily basis and even at night. The public toilets are not functioning with water taps broken and sewage running across the streets.


It is alleged that two more vehicles belonging to the Madibeng municipality were to be auctioned. The report came after an alleged notice was suspected to have been issued by the Brits Sheriff as a notice of sale in execution, a water tanker and a MAN truck were to be auctioned. Supposing, in November, 2015 four trucks belonging to the municipality were also listed on the auction list in a case between the municipality and a private person. At the time the municipality responded that the case was resolved before the auction and the vehicles were not auctioned.There is a huge water crisis in Rabokala.MT06 According to the residents, the water tankers run through Rabokala to supply yet the area has no water. In some sections the tanker comes only once per week. Amid this lack of water, Madibeng Local municipality is pumping the residents with water bills that are going higher and higher every month. We find it very irrational that a water bill should be issued when people are shunting around in search of water. Continue reading


Madibeng Executive Mayor Jostina Mothibe, together with her executive, visited Majakaneng in the past to see the progress made since the government intervention to reticulate water in the area. Prior to visiting the yards, Mayor Mothibe held a meeting with community members and local forum that receive water through the new pipes and jojo tanks.MT06

The national and provincial governments have pumped millions of rands in Majakaneng to refurbish malfunctioning boreholes and to drill five new ones. A total of 30 jojo tanks have been distributed in parts of the village where there is no reticulation. Also, a malfunctioning 10 megalitre water reservoir was fixed and it is 98% full. Meanwhile, the department has appointed Magalies Water as an implementing agent in the area and subsequently, over 1000 jobs have been created. Continue reading


The character of the EFF is captured in both the founding Manifesto and the constitution of the party. EFF is a Marxist-Leninist-Fanonian revolutionary movement that is anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and anit-racist. Furthermore, EFF stands for the liberation of all and it is anti-homophobic and anti-patriarchal. EFF is essentially a vanguard movement of the workers and community struggles and shall always take the side of the oppressed. MT10Two main other currents that inform the character of EFF is revolutionary internationalism and radical pan Africanism.

In itself everyday life EFF is guided by the revolutionary principles of “democratic centralism, principled criticism and self-criticism, collective leaders and proletarian culture of selflessness, working class solidarity, discipline and self-discipline”. In building a revolutionary organizational constant culture political education is at the centre of an advance cadre who is able to defend the revolution and advance the correct ideas. Land in South Africa is stolen property. No people can claim freedom without access and control over their land. Continue reading


Mathibedi was congratulated for leading the pack during the community meeting by being elected the councillor candidate. The people of ward 10 Kgabalatsane, received two sizable gifts on the 13 February, 2016, from the ANC, which the ANCYL Ward 10 are grateful for.

MT09Ensuring that the people are involved in choosing their local government representative as part of advancing people’s power and witnessing cde Lucky Mathibedi winning significant respect from the local people by receiving widespread votes as a nominee to become the ANC Councillor Candidate.
As the ANCYL in Ward 10 we firmly believe that this remarkable gift of advancing people’s power by allowing our community to determine their local government’s future is a remarkable decision that must be applauded. That singular historic posture clearly shows that the ANC lives and leads. Tthe ANCYL in Ward 10 would further like to congratulate cde Lucky Mathibedi for being ‘a cut above the rest.’ He has earned a colossal respect from the community that have trusted him to represent their interests.

Continue reading