The Independent Party was originally made up of locals that were registered to vote, but out of choice refused to vote because of the unacceptable state of political affairs. There is much disillusion with both the ruling ANC (African National Congress) and the opposing DA (Democratic Aliance) locally. The community feels that the ruling party is not delivering services and the opposition is not keeping them on their toes to the point that they are forced to deliver.issue 04. 25.02.2016.

Everything has culminated to a lose-lose situation in the mindset of the local public. The solution could just be to vote for smaller independent parties like the Independent party – made up of holders of spoilt votes. Many voters in the past, although registered and highly disillusioned have just decided not to vote. Many people are so disillusioned that they do not even take the necessary steps towards registering in order to cast their vote and practice their democratic right.
The Independent Party is not to be confused with the former one, as it was just launched and registered this year locally, the complete registration process is still pending currently. The Independent Party already has a membership of 3 200 in Madibeng. This new party has not yet launched nationally. The party has decided to not yet branch out nationally as the current situation of power struggles with the ANC has taught them lessons they can try to prohibit going forward nationally.

Power struggles within the EFF and the ANC have proven that personal vendettas play a huge role in political strategy and movement of political party members. This has been the downfall of many a political party and the dispersing of most coalitions. The Independent Party has decided to not branch out so that there will be no in-fighting in the party over positions. Branching out is rather planned for after the Local Elections. The Independent Party’s stronghold is Madibeng Ward 39. And, the proportional councillor candidate for Ward 39 is Ronnie Moloto. “When conducting door to door political campaigns previously, we encountered that ANC was causing a lot of havoc and disruption,” they admit.

The party also confirms that final registration as an official party will be after Proclamation Day on 4 and 5 May 2016. Since the party launched, they have been involved in the resolution of current local issues and problems regarding the people’s dialogue in conjunction with many other private and public organisations. The resolution to current political problems locally and in Madibeng may be at the core of alternative parties instead of trying to find relief and escape in the majority rule or the official opposition.

Maybe it is time for citizens and voters to look beyond the scope of accepted mainstream political parties, not to extreme groups, but rather to alternative political groupings with logical and practical solutions to everyday local problems in Madibeng. The objectives of the new launched independent party are mainly service delivery, job creation and social cohesion. The party will also be mobilising on 28 and 29 February to campaign for more votes.