Why do we have to pay for the use of public toilets in Madibeng? Who owns these toilets that they would end up making money out of them? Is this our constitutional right to be respected and treated with dignity.MT03

Some members of Thari Transport are blaming the government for the dilapidated bus and taxi ranks. They expressed their concerns and say that only if this municipality was led by white democrats, new improvements and renovations would be seen in the area. “These conditions are very horrible, we cannot allow this to happen to our passengers, these attributes prevents us from doing our work properly.

We heard too many promises from our government that our place will soon be renovated, to date none of that has taken place,” responds the community. “Who should be accountable if the corrugated steel collapses and falls onto the passengers? Imagine what happens during rainy days, the roofs of these platforms are not enough to accommodate our passengers,” they responded. “Our office is not acceptable that one would want to work inside it. During stormy weather, animal carcasses fall inside the office causing more destruction. We appeal to this government to come and help us by improving the conditions of this rank.” “We had no toilets before and rely on the nearby premises for toilets until we had to prepare the building ourselves for our passengers to have temporary toilets. We cannot allow our passengers to be exposed to unsanitary living conditions when our government is not doing much to help them,” said a Thari transport member. “Should we accept to be treated as such by our municipality? Why does our municipality want us to live like dogs and to defecate in full view of the public,” exclaimed transport and community members.
Does the municipality think that the population in town does not deserve toilets or that they should just go and relieve themselves in open fields surrounding our CBD? Or maybe we do not know , perhaps those toilets are not public toilets and are of course reserved for municipal employees only? Why not put a restricting board on every entrance of every toilet clearly indicating to the public that the toilets are strictly reserved for municipal workers who are seen on daily basis walking in and out the toilets and walking around pretending to clean up the CBD and the toilets.
Some of the public toilets are in such a bad state that they cannot be used. Instead, our senior municipal employees continue stealing the tax payers’ money to support themselves and their sidekicks while failing to provide what they have promised to the innocent masses. Back in the day, during the apartheid era, we used to get restricting signs for specific races to use selected areas in the city. Today Madibeng reminds us of those olden days and transforms us into being bitter and having hatred in our hearts towards government.Why build toilets that are not accessible, toilets that are difficult to maintain and toilets that are constantly locked for no apparent reason? What are we learning from our municipality when everyday has to witness the elderly having to relieve themselves in full view of the public.