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MT02With the local elections looming and parties revving it up for action, there is a lot of pressured silence in the air. Madibeng residents have been dissatisfied with service delivery, the unethical actions of municipal officials, and with government in general.

The opposition parties have used this opportunity to try and gain ground on local level – and this rightly so – if the ruling party is not progressing in terms of delivery, then let the opposition show us how it should be done. There have been numerous events that have caused public outcry, disdain and much concern. The year began with concerns of Brits and Hartbeespoort roads literally falling apart. The Madibeng Municipality has been reported to have tons of tar in storage for use, yet road workers have refused to labour without protective gear. The DA’s Eddie Barlow then and there took action and inspected the reasons for the tardy response. The municipality thereafter confirmed that protective gear was granted and business continued as usual. Continue reading


The Independent Party was originally made up of locals that were registered to vote, but out of choice refused to vote because of the unacceptable state of political affairs. There is much disillusion with both the ruling ANC (African National Congress) and the opposing DA (Democratic Aliance) locally. The community feels that the ruling party is not delivering services and the opposition is not keeping them on their toes to the point that they are forced to deliver.issue 04. 25.02.2016.

Everything has culminated to a lose-lose situation in the mindset of the local public. The solution could just be to vote for smaller independent parties like the Independent party – made up of holders of spoilt votes. Many voters in the past, although registered and highly disillusioned have just decided not to vote. Many people are so disillusioned that they do not even take the necessary steps towards registering in order to cast their vote and practice their democratic right. Continue reading


The Madibeng municipal manager is supposed to give feedback on a petition regarding faulty property rates for smallholdings and farms, said the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Madibeng.

We are waiting in anticipation for the municipal manager to keep his promise to give feedback on the faulty rates. Due to inexact codes and valuations from the property valuers that were appointed by council, property taxes escalated with up to a 1000% in some cases,” said the DA leader in Madibeng, Eddie Barlow. Continue reading


Why do we have to pay for the use of public toilets in Madibeng? Who owns these toilets that they would end up making money out of them? Is this our constitutional right to be respected and treated with dignity.MT03

Some members of Thari Transport are blaming the government for the dilapidated bus and taxi ranks. They expressed their concerns and say that only if this municipality was led by white democrats, new improvements and renovations would be seen in the area. “These conditions are very horrible, we cannot allow this to happen to our passengers, these attributes prevents us from doing our work properly. Continue reading


Democracy is the cornerstone of every republic. And with democracy comes the civil responsibility and privilege to vote. Voting is what empowers the people to democratically choose whom they want to govern them. This ranges from political parties to local candidates and even coalition governments.

When citizens have not voted or have voted for the wrong political party it seems rather redundant and hypocritical for such citizens then to go on the protest, disturbing peace, burning tyres and raising concerns that should have come to mind when they ‘made their cross.’ To want to take public action, and even resort to violence is rather belated at its best. In a democracy, a government is chosen by voting in an election: a way for an electorate to elect, that is to choose, among several candidates for rule. In a representative democracy voting is the method by which the electorate appoints its representatives in its government. In a direct democracy, voting is the method by which the electorate directly make decisions, turn bills into laws, etc. Continue reading


This follows a recent incident that happened just outside Brits in Sandrift whereby a black farmer was brutally murdered by white farmers. This is usually seen as stereotypical ‘racism’. But there are many other forms, and they all belong to the same poisoned family.

According to eye witnesses, the white farmers went to the house of the black farmer and took him to a nearby place where they started assaulting him to death. They assaulted him in full view of his children and later drove over his dead body several times.
The family that waited behind started worrying because of the duration he took to return back home. One of the children tried to contact the police who allegedly did not respond on time. The family then went to look for him and found him laying dead in a pool of blood on the side of the road.
This was very unfortunate and every democratic and sane-minded South African would have hung their head in shame. The white farmers were arrested and will appear in the Brits Magistrate’s court on the 25 February, 2016. With all the family-locked white elites in Brits, with relatives in high places, we wonder if justice will ever be served. Every week there is a case reported of a farmer or farmworker that is murdered. When is this going to end and why are these people becoming the target? SANCO Provincial Organiser, Pasture Maremo said that they had arranged for a march to demonstrate their frustrations but because of the unavailability of the minister, they will put the march on hold for a while.
“We condemn in the strongest terms the act of killing on the black farmer by white farmers. Our judiciary system failed the community by offering a R500 bail to each of these suspects. We oppose the bail awarded to these people and therefore intend to support the family of the deceased throughout.” “We are very much disturbed by the fact that the children had to witness such horrendous actions and attempted to contact our police services who could not be of assistance. Now the family of the suspects is sending threats to the family of the deceased forcing them to sell the farm to them,” said Mr. Maremo. He urged community members to attend the court hearing in numbers the at the Brits Magistrate’s Court and support the family.


The Madibeng municipality went to the Labour Court this month in an effort to set aside a disciplinary committee sanction of severe written warning to the suspended Director: Infrastructure and Technical Services, Mike Lelaka and replaced it with a sanction of dismissal.

Lelaka was suspended, on full pay, in March last year on charges of gross negligence, gross dishonesty, gross mismanagement, gross violation of supply chain and abuse of authority. The municipality accused him, among other charges, of bringing the municipality into disrepute and that his neglect resulted in the violent water protests, among other things. A disciplinary hearing was held from July to October last year and the chairman of the committee found that Lelaka was only guilty on charges of gross negligence and gross violation of supply chain. He was found not guilty of the other charges. Continue reading