Madibeng Municipality – who’s playing the boss

The former manager in the office of the Executive Mayor of Madibeng and now the Hall Coordinator in Madibeng, David Masike is allegedly also amongst the list of those corrupt officials in Madibeng.

The list is endless with names such as Lawrence Maluleke, Thomas Manganye, Neo Matsena and among others, former municipal manager, Monde Juta. However, it has been reported that the aforementioned officials are still seeking a come back at the municipality after they were shown the door by their superior Furthermore, a source close to the municipality had reported earlier on that the axed officials are indeed removed from their comfort zones and therefore they are planning a serious come back which includes if needs be a violent protests or physical fight intervention.

Ever since last year, the officials have been meeting every afternoon and sometimes in the evening just outside Brits CBD at a SASOL petrol garage with junior officials to discuss a come back strategy. If the plan is not conducive, it is alleged that they apply a plan b just to sabotage the good works done by those not in the same faction. It has reported earlier on that it is alleged that Masike has a tendency of banking work.A source close to the municipality further informed the Madibeng Times that during the times when Masike was the manager in the office of the Mayor, he had disagreements with the Mayor and was removed and appointed as the Hall coordinator. Ever since his appointment, it is alleged that he had about six months without reporting on duty while a number of community halls were reported being dilapidated and collapsing. It is alleged that together with the other officials, they want to retain power and call the shots at the municipality. Apparently they only give major tenders to big companies. According to sources, Gorogang was given a project worth millions to build a bridge in Jericho but failed to deliver on the project. The same company after it had failed to perform on the Jericho project was given another project in Fafung.

One can say without any doubt that there is a lack of proper procurement procedure within our local Municipality of Madibeng. Mr. Lawrence Maluleke always portrays himself as someone who has more cash than any other councillors in Madibeng as well as having influence in awarding security tenders. Mr. Thomas Manganye is accused of having a water tank truck that was contracted to the municipality but the contract came to an end when the current Mayor, Mothibe, was forced to terminate it. Some of these information were disclosed in the previous publications but were never investigated such as the following. It is alleged that Mr. Maluleke used his position at the municipality as MMC for Safety to influence that his children be appointed as employees of the municipality. Mr. Masike also allegedly influenced the employment of two of his siblings, his uncle, cousin and a brother-in-law. Mr. Manganye, whose mother was employed by the municipality before his arrival at Madibeng, influenced the employment of his sister.