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Super Storm Hits Khunwana Village

Super Storm Hits Khunwana Village


A super storm has hit the village of Khunwana in the Tswaing Municipality leaving destruction in its path. The disaster  that took place on Friday, December 12 has potential to be declared a national disaster.


The community is now desperately in need and seeking financial assistance to rebuild their wrecked homes and for a massive clean-up. The huge unprecedented storm started around 5:30pm and swept away homes
Tswaing Municipality spokesperson, Ntwe Reginald, reported that the Khunwana Village, with a population of about 3 000 people, has been severely affected. “There is one woman who has severely injured her right leg.”


“About 30 homes have also been destroyed by the heavy winds. The rain was not that bad, but the winds were incredibly intense and caused most of the problems we are seeing here now. The municipality is currently assisting and considering making the area a disaster zone.”


“We will know for sure on Monday. For now we are just trying to aid the community as much as we can,” said Reginald. South African Weather Services forecaster, Lulama Pheme added that the area had suffered very strong winds.


“There was little significance in terms of rain. There was just 11.9mm. However, the wind was extremely strong. We are not sure of the exact speeds but it was north-easterly,” said Pheme.

Thari Bus Transport needs improvement

It is an open secret that the Thari Buses need drastic improvement. During the year 2015, the buses caused a lot of accidents and in addition, there were also a high level of breakdowns. This was as a result of poor mechanical conditions of the buses.

One horrific accident happened on the early hours of Tuesday, 28 July 2015, when three women were killed and 25 other passengers injured after a bus travelling on a gravel road from Makolokwe to Brits overturned.


According to the information provided, the bus was transporting passengers to work. Apparently the driver lost control of the bus and it overturned several times. Another woman was airlifted to Milpark hospital, her hand was amputated and she suffered other serious injuries.


In another incident passengers had to flee for their lives after a bus caught fire in a “massive” blaze just before Vaalbosch village outside Brits. Initial reports suggested that all the passengers on board escaped unharmed. Some of the passengers were also unable to save their belongings on board.


Yet another sad incident happened in Maboloka village when a Thari Bus caught flames and passengers had to escape and leave their belongings behind. The fire started in the hood of the bus and all passenger luggage caught fire.


The cause of the serious fire was not immediately established. The Thari management should thoroughly service their buses so that passengers using their services on a daily basis can do so without fear.


As if all those accidents were not enough, a recent incident happened at Hendrick Verwoerd Avenue just few metres away from the Brits Correctional Services when the driver lost control of the bus and hit the tree outside the road.


The incident left few passengers injured and the road had to be closed for couple of hours while removing all the debris and broken trees that were blocking the road.


Clearly, Thari Transport is in dire need of a complete overhaul of its fleet for the sake of the safety of its passengers. On average more than five (5) buses per day are reported broken as a result of the poor mechanical condition of their fleet.


Tlhako Ya Thamaga Middle School gets new toilets

It was a real blessing for the school to have its toilets renovated. The students and the educators were using the toilets that were in a very bad condition until a good Samaritan who is also a businessman came to their rescue.


The 5th of December, 2015, was the official opening day of the renovated ablution block by the education director, Madibeng Executive Mayor, the principal, the educators, parents and the students.


The principal of the school, Mr. Thami Dyani was so excited that he even expressed his enthusiasm by dancing on the podium. “We are very elated about this event as it affords us dignity.”


“After all the toilets were stolen, I was so worried praying to God that one day we would get help from somebody. The education department was also planning to close down the school because of the condition of the toilets. Through this programme initiated by the executive mayor, Jostina Mothibe we can now say the school is progressing well..”


“I would like to thank the mayor for initiating the programme for business people, through this programme, 20 Elevation company came on board and renovated the entire ablution block. We are the first school to receive such marvelous assistance and we pray that the mayor extends her arms and assist other needy schools,” said the principal.


The toilets renovations were not the only offering received by the school. “This businessman, Robert Ngwenya, gave the school R20 000 in addition. Apparently, he initially planned to donate R15 000 but decided to add an extra R5 000.”


“The toilets are fully functional and we promise that we will take good care of them, we have this good community that is so understanding. Through the support of our mayor we have achieved this remarkable renovations,” added the principal.


The school has a very supportive community and SGB members. “We will make sure that the toilets are kept clean. A special thanks to the local community; the gospel groups that performed, Twizza for free drinks, parents, pastors and the local business person ‘Bucs’,” concluded the principal.


Madibeng executive mayor, Jostina Mothibe added that the mayor’s programme was initiated on the 9th of April 2015 and has identified six schools in Madibeng. “I requested businessmen around to adopt schools, our greater focus is on renovation schools.”


“We have realised that in Madibeng we have too many dilapidated schools with buildings that are in bad condition. Some students are without uniforms and others do not have parents. Those learners must be identified and assisted.”

Today was a handover day of the renovated toilets and also a time to celebrate with those learners who are preparing to leave Grade 7, bidding a farewell to them.”


“Our plan is to identify new schools and have more business people to invest in those schools. Many schools are not in a good condition and that is something we know, that is why we are trying to fix windows, provide water, fix doors, have proper sanitation.”


“There is a way forward and we are happy to see our community happy when we make progress in uplifting education in Madibeng,” said the Mayor.

The Vaalbosch road is one of the oldest roads ……

Since the foundation of Vaalbosch village, the main road used mainly by busses has never been maintained or tarred. The Vaalbosch road is one of the oldest roads in Madibeng yet there has never been any improvement whatsoever.


According to community member, Kefilwe Diane, the condition of the road is creating more harm to road users and causing damages to light motor vehicles using the road on a daily basis. “We have been trying on a number of occasions to get the government to resolve the matter and fix the road.”


“The only response we get is a number of empty promises. We want our government to take responsibility and assure us that we are also part of their own.”


“If the simple things are not accomplished by our local government, then why are we expected to cast our vote in their favour? The dust caused by the traffic on the road is one of the health hazards especially to those with respiratory problems.”


This affects not only motorists, but also pedestrians who have no other option but to walk on this road to and from work every day. Discomfort in riding along this road and the damage caused to cars travelling on it is unbearable.”


“Our ward councillor’s car, Cllr. Mogorosi of ward 1 is so special that it does not use the deadly gravel road but uses the other road from the other side where there are not many enough humps. Everytime when we go to request for a grader, we are being told that there is no diesel.”


“We are well aware that the company responsible for grading the road has a written agreement with Thari Transport for safety of the road users. But why is it so difficult for them to fix or remove those humps created by the motor cars,” said angry community member, Kefilwe Diane.

Ward 10 nominations turn violent

The election may be on but the ANC nomination deployee, Buti Makhongela, was escorted out of the building by members of the African National Congress after he was accused of failing to conduct the nomination process as expected by the community at ward 19 in Mmakau.


The proceeding had to be halted until further notice. The whole stunt took place a few minutes before the process could commence, according to eye witnesses, the ANC Branch Chairperson at ward 10, cde Moche Phaladi and some few members of the organisation who came as observers.


Apparently, Phaladi insisted and requested support from members of the ANC that those observers should be removed from the premises, saying that they were not welcome in the premises. All hell broke loose when Phaladi lost temper and started using force to remove them.


The eye witnesses further said that it was alleged that Phaladi, upon losing temper hit one of the observers on the mouth but the community managed to control the situation and the nomination process took place.


“I was so surprised to see comrade Buti standing right beside the wall while Phaladi was busy conducting the process. We wanted the process to be conducted by the ANC deployee not Phaladi. I would say Phaladi had no respect for comrade Buti and that comrade Buti was scared to call him to order.”


“All that we needed to know was for the deployee to tell us the roll call and thereafter we would proceed with the nominations. Phaladi kept on interrupting the process and we were not comfortable with that as members of the African National Congress.”


“I believe that there were two sets of names that were destined to be registered and that is where the confusion started. Comrade Buti was unable to control the situation as expected, that is why the Mmakau community was very upset with him and wanted to assault him.”


“Phaladi thinks that because he has money he can rule and control us. We will not allow that to happen and we know that the two (Phaladi and Buti) are very good friends and that is why the process did not go accordingly in the first instance.”


“This must come to an end and Phaladi must be called to order. We do not care who he befriends but we do not want his friendships to affect the African National Congress. This is not a platform where people will come and enrich themselves and take us for granted.”


“We want to nominate our own people, people who will represent us and prioritise our needs not people who will favour individuals and create divisions amongst ourselves, Phaladi’s attitude showed that he totally disrespects the organisation, why proceed with the process of nominating candidates even when the deployee was not available?” asked one angry community member.


There was no response by ANC deployee, Buti Makhongela or ANC Chairperson, Moche Phaladi.

Buti Makhongela’s trip to Brazil?


The country is awaiting the outcome of former Madibeng speaker, Buti Makhongela’s trip to Brazil. Recapping the story, a damning report compiled by Co-operative Governance ministerial task team has recommended that Makhongela and four others be suspended and prosecuted.


They had previously been accused of numerous charges, including fraud and corruption.  With tender rigging and deviations from procurement procedures their alleged modus operandi, at least R21-million vanished from council coffers.


Allegations against Makhongela include fraudulently receiving two salaries and travelling to Brazil at the municipality’s expense. How are the investigations unfolding so far? Why did Makhongela resign after being accused of such allegations?


Meanwhile, on a certain tuesday, 72 councillors attended what they thought would be a normal meeting, but it ended in violence with guns being pointed. The whole scenario started when councillors accused Buti Makhongela of wasting tax payers money illegally on a trip to Brazil in June 2012.
It is alleged that all hell broke loose after Makhongela asked the person who brought the matter up to leave the seating. The pushing and shoving started with security guards up in arms and pointing out their guns at councilliors in the Madibeng Council Chamber.
Day after the incident, ANC councillors queued outside the Brits Police Station to press charges against the private security company, Matimpule Security Services, whose guards had pointed guns. About 25 councillors were witnessed at the station to open cases, but only two cases were registered.
Nonetheless, what is important out of the whole article is the question will Makhongela ever be prosecuted for all the crimes he has been accused of, including the one of wasting tax payers money illegally on a trip to Brazil by the provincial MEC for local government and traditional affairs?


The man is walking scot-free as if nothing has happened and he still maintains that he has done nothing wrong. Spending tax payers’ money on a conference trip to Brazil while the municipality is in a crisis of water shortages and unemployment is outrageous.


The community as a whole must stand up to defend good governance and prevent incidents like these and maybe even loss of lives. Makhongela must face justice and the matter be resolved once and for all. The ANC must stop defending corrupt officials, everytime there is a problem against an official, the ANC deploys the person to other department to clear the air.

Assaulted, Don Johnstone

Assaulted, Don Johnstone

Assaulted, Don Johnstone

The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) on monday condemned the racist attack that allegedly occurred at the HSBC World Rugby Sevens tournament held in Cape Town over the weekend.


“We commend Don Johnstone for confronting a fellow spectator that allegedly referred to Blitzboks flyer Seabelo Senatla as a “baboon” after the wing dropped the ball in the Pool B match against Kenya.


“His patriotic action in defence of unity and diversity is encouraging,” SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu said.


Mahlangu called on sporting fans to embrace non-racialism and to isolate those with racial tendencies.


“Barbaric bullies that propagate racial prejudice should be banned from all sporting events because racism is an antithesis of reconciliation and nation building,” he said.


Mahlangu has urged authorities to use stadium surveillance camera footage to identify and track the spectator and his son both of whom reportedly assaulted Johnstone after the match for his objection to racism.

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My Daddy hanged me for Christmas

5-year-old, Remoratile

5-year-old, Remoratile

Remoratile who was a Grade R pupil at Maphoitsile Primary hanged by his own father. He was a victim of a ghastly act that continues to rob countless innocent children of their mothers and their precious lives.

In moments like these, unfortunately some families end up becoming violent and sometimes their violent leading even to death. Women and children are mainly the victims in this regard. Festive seasons sometimes bring sad memories to our families. Ironically, these are times when families are expected to gather together for reunions, drinks, food and barbeque meat and great fun.

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Should prostitution and drug dealing be legalised in our country?

Dealers in prostitution and drug smuggling in Madibeng are no longer afraid of the public and the police. This comes after a number of dealers confessed that they view their businesses as a way to generate income.

They further indicated that their businesses enable them to pay rent, support their children, pay water and electricity and even buy groceries. “I have been in this industry for more than five years and ever since we have been receiving threats from police officers in Brits.”

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Brits CBD turned into a Shack Town?

One of the worst taxi rank toilet facility in town

One of the worst taxi rank toilet facility in town

The Behrens Taxi Rank has too many shacks surrounding the area and has since last year been turned into a criminal hideout, drug dealing area and a prostitution zone. The shacks seen at the taxi rank are for the street hawkers and those who are selling food at the rank.

It has been said previously that our municipality has budgeted approximately R15 million for the renovation of all the ranks in the CBD. The money promised has never been used for its intended purpose, the sanitation in the area is a disgrace.

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