We do not need handouts, we need jobs!

USD60bn investment plan heralds a new era in China-Africa relations, but money will not create jobs on the continent. There are less jobs in Africa, and we are no longer producing anything, Politicians must stop and change their behaviour.


South Africa is no longer producing proudly South African products for retailers, just because China is producing and exporting them to Africa. This makes buying products from outside the country too costly maybe detrimental the country.


China’s intentions are to buy out the mines and start exporting into Africa. With this, China is making more money than our country. Imagine in about three months, 60 billion dollars have been accumulated. We need jobs not money.


China is giving us money. We are not charity cases dependent on social grants; social grants are handouts and we do not want handouts, we want to do things ourselves. Importing goods is killing our country big time.


We are a proud people seeking employment, not only money, and many people are sitting at home: jobless, because our politicians think that we want money rather than jobs. That is why we have social welfare in this country offering social grants to qualifying community members.


China has now made an agreement with Africa, which will affect countries on the continent, such as South Africa. Within three months, China created a whooping 60 billion dollars money which could have been generated by and on the African Continent.


In return, China is building a military base in Africa. Their intentions are to buy out existing mines leaving behind poor people: jobless and effectively contributing towards their export business. We do not need money, we need jobs!


China’s cancellation of existing debts with zero-interest loans and the announcement of USD60bn(R863bn) investment heralds a new era in China-Africa relations, and strengthened partnership for mutual benefit, peace and development, the South African National Civic Organisation(SANCO) said on Friday.


“Violent conflicts as well as the twin demons of greed and corruption, which have impoverished and displaced millions of people across the continent are an antithesis of development that our communities need ,”SANCO President Richard Mdakane highlighted in welcoming the announcements made by China’s President Xi Jinping at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation(FOCAC) Summit.


Mdakane said that the ten co-operation plans announced by President Xi have met SANCO’s expectation, and that the summit outcomes will address youth development as well as student exchange programmes aimed at an academic and vocational training level to address skills shortages amongst unemployed youth.


“Ending violent conflicts and adopting a new paradigm that focuses on infrastructure  development programmes will assist us to make strides towards addressing violent extremism that has exacerbated the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment,” he emphasised.


Mdakane said that his organisation will work closer with the China NGO Network for International Exchange and other NGO’s on the continent and through structures established by the African Union to ensure that resources benefit communities.


“It is time for those in conflicts to beat their swords into plowshares and to roll up their sleeves for development,” he concluded.