Madibeng overspends on security measures?

It is alleged that the bill of the municipality on security is over R1 million rand a month.


Is it necessary for the municipality to employ such a high number of securities? In fact, how many security companies are appointed at the municipality? Is it necessary to spend money on security while there is a massive challenge of service delivery?


This is not in line with the SDBIP and is not budgeted for. Who authorised that only the director for public safety signs the cheque requisition form, which is in direct contravention of the system of delegation.


R3 000 000 has been paid for the project to partition the ground floor. Apparently, the service provider was paid in advance and according to the information, the only signatures attached were those of the acting director and his secretary.


The general worker has just been promoted to acting clerk in public safety, the acting director appointed is from community services and that the public safety was overlooked.