Maboloka memorandum submission failed

On the 3rd of December 2015, a service delivery protest was planned and organised by Maboloka Community Organisation (MACO). This came after few members of the community were not satisfied about the services rendered by some of the municipal officials.


Little did they know, in their peaceful gathering were also foot soldiers pretending to be on their side. The gathering was cancelled due to reporters misunderstandings between the two groups.


Apparently starting from the 17th November 2015, rolling secret meetings took place, where a comprehensive plan was being hatched to destabilise the municipality and evoke chaos. Surprisingly, almost all those planning anarchy are on the municipal payroll as officials and councillors.


Supposingly in Madibeng , those officials and councillors are mobilising some community foot soldiers to intimidate and assault some people who will obviously attend the next council meeting, including certain councillors, and to ensure that the next council meeting fails.


Part of the plan is that councillors and officials who do not support their mission be attacked and or assaulted, that everything made out of glass in the municipal building must be broken, municipal officials vehicles be smashed and broken into deliberately so that CoGTA can fast-track the removal of both the municipal manager and the mayor.


We do not know whether we should call the service delivery protest a fake? Of course, part of the plan is that the council must consistently be interrupted, since they have reasons to believe that it may make some decisions not favourable to them, and that may abruptly stop their looting spree and future prospects of stealing millions.


Bear with me; their foot soldiers will be transported from different areas in Brits. Once they have arrived in the vicinity of the municipal building, they will occupy strategic places according to their command, including occupation of the council gallery as members of the public.


Proceedings must commence, and once councillors from the corrupt brigade start protesting and showing dissatisfaction regarding certain aspects of discussions, foot soldiers will explode, causing chaos and fights against certain people. In the process the executive mayor and the acting municipal manager must be attacked.


It is alleges that these corruption brigade members are helped by certain people from National Government, whom are also pushing for the removal of both the MM and Executive Mayor, because they financially stand to benefit a lot if their mission is accomplished.


Is the whole fight good for the ANC? Are we to witness more bloodshed in Madibeng during election time?