Councillors must be held responsible for poor service deliveries?

Members of the community in Madibeng have gathered over the past few weeks in their appropriate places where public meetings were conducted to elect their favourite candidates to represent them as councillors, PR councillors, screening committee members for the next five years.


Councillors must be held responsible for poor service deliveries in their constituencies; they never care for the interests of the community. The 2014/15 budget indicates that the remuneration of councillors was set to R25 799 620, for 2015/16 the remuneration’s set to R27 605 592 and next budget for 2016/17 is R29 537 988.


This has to be not because of the money and their salaries. It is a very interesting thing for an individual to be elected by the community for becoming a ward councillor. But the questions are what the person has done for the community, and whether or not be able to address issues and represent the population in council?


Does person have fresh ideas to provide in making sure that service delivery is not compromised? Is the person able to host community meetings? Is the person elected because he/she has the love for elderly people, children and women in their community among others? Whether or not the person has a pending criminal case or having criminal record?


Of course, the person must not be an alcoholic or be seen hanging out in taverns or shebeens. The person must be a public figure with good integrity and good humanity, having respect for others and be respected by the community as a person.


It is not easy to find such matching candidates as the country is now surrounded with so-called-leaders who are desperately hungry for power and thirsty for wealth. One year down the line, after being elected as councillor, one would want to drive a stunning car and living a luxurious life.


The most important thing is for the community to be able to vote and elect reliable people who are on the same page and have the love for the community. Someone who will make sure that the community comes first and that he will give a hundred percent to the community, and be able to meet those criteria.


Those criteria must be evaluated first before considering a member as the ward councillor to avoid mishaps throughout the term. It is an overwhelming and joyful demonstration when elected such a leader, but the most difficult part is when the particular person is not delivering accordingly.


In your own opinion you might say the party will re-elect another person-but who will do damage control thereafter? Every year ward councillors remuneration increases, but the living conditions of the community worsen on a daily basis. Ward councillors in Madibeng deserve not to receive a single cent for their incompetence.


It is advisable that community members elect people who will lead and offer them what they deserve to have. Service delivery is the number one priority and therefore one must have a strategic way of providing basic needs to the needy.