A lump of coal for Christmas in Madibeng?

Five years ago, the bridge partly collapsed due to strong currents of the river flowing underneath, and has never been repaired. The bridge spans across the Klipgat, bordering the back-end of the entire area.


It was built to facilitate the movement of motorists and pedestrians crossing towards ODI Hospital in Hebron from Klipgat. The broken bridge that once helped the many individuals in their livelihood and topped the list of popular fishermen in the locations has now become a bachelor hangout.


“God can forgive you but we will never forgive you!” These are the strong words from members of the community at Majakaneng village in Madibeng Municipality after a prayer session.


A few weeks after the massive protest against water shortage by Majakaneng community members, the Local Municipality of Madibeng, together with the local churches around the area, conducted a peaceful prayer session to pray for the entire area and to also make amend with the residents in Majakaneng.


The event was graced among others by the Executive Mayor of Madibeng, Cllr. Jostina Mothibe, Municipal Speaker, Cllr. Matshidiso Mangoathe, and the chief whip Cllr Simon Klaas. According to the municipality, the event was a success. Despite the water challenge, they said that the community members fully supported the prayer session.


The country is left with little more than few weeks before the local municipal elections 2016.


We do not know whether this municipality is cursed or what because even obvious things becomes dilemmas. Will we be able to get used to them? Of course, we will get used to drinking dirty water everyday. We will get used to being lied to and manipulated at all times by our leaders.


Madibeng is such a beautiful municipality, yet in the hands of vicious politicians who have points to score and wealth to chase. All I can say is that I will get used to voting for other people to have power; I will get used to the corrupt municipality.


To be honest, (there is no positive story you can tell about the municipality), and the municipality does not do the community any favours by not living up to their promises. What is happening in Madibeng is a shameful ordeal where councillors see an opportunity to score millions and leave the municipal coffers bankrupt.


I feel pity when I hear someone saying our municipality is doing fine and there is no crises in the council. There are many challenges in the council that will never be sorted out. We will keep on experiencing more problems, and problems and keep on hearing promises that will never be fulfulled.


Later suspended by the Municipality of Madibeng, and God knows what happened because he was no longer recognised at the council.


Rev. Molefe was a Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) responsible for Land and Housing portfolio. Of course, the Rev. is known for his allegations of selling a piece of land for the amount of R2 500-00 and was arrested right on the spot by the Hawks.


Lebogang Tsogang was removed as the Communication Manager, and was replaced by the man who rented and later owned the Itatswe Bottle Store and Tavern, while at the same time he was the Marketing Manager at SWA, Sipho Nkosi.


Not so long after, Sipho’s contract lapsed and was never renewed by the municipality. After he was shown the door, many threatening messages and letters were sent to all officials within Madibeng. Who knows who was behind the sending of those messages.


The former Municipal Manager, Monde Juta, was also amongst those officials axed by the municipality for incompetency. After the announcement by the North West Premier, Mahumapelo that the heads must roll.


The executive mayor in Madibeng, Jostina Mothibe, contributed immensely in making sure that those corrupt officials are being suspended and removed from the eyes of the community. Jointly so, many officials were suspended and some of them are now waiting judgement.


We definitely need more loyal municipal workers. We need capable people to run the clinics; more police officers. We are sick and tired of the lazybones municipal administrators who do not know how to do their work properly.