The Madibeng Local Municipality has set aside an overall budget of R89,8-million for the upgrading of internal road networks covering eight of the 36 clusters, for the financial year 2015-2016.

Road networks for the remainder of the clusters were being allocated a separate budget of R56-million, but only for the 2016-2017 financial year.

The R89,8-million budget allocation for the eight wards has been set aside for the 2015-2016 financial year.

But then do these high-flying and rather impressive figures mean anything to motorists in Maboloka, who just last week had to negotiate puddles of rain water on what is supposed to be a stretch of the main thoroughfare into the residential settlement?

What about others from Miletswane, downtown Brits, the farmlands of Kleinfontein and Mothutlung who see no visible results of improvements to the crumbling road networks?

A total budget of R21-million, the highest of the overall ward allocations, has been set aside for the upgrading of road networks in the township of Letlhabile.

Cluster eight was granted the second highest allocation, at a budget of R19-million.

Majakaneng and surrounds also received a large slice of the pie, with a budget allocation of R13,8-million for the upgrading of roads in the often politically-volatile village, alongside the N4 to Rustenburg.

Oukasie, Damondsville and parts of Mothutlung received a budget allocation of R8-million, as did the upgrading of roads on the Kleinfontein farmlands, west of the Brits central business district.

Clusters four and seven have been allocated R8-million for the upgrading of the road networks, with cluster six getting the smaller cut of the pie at R6-million.

Meantime, work on the road between Mothutlung and Rankotea road is at an advanced stage, at a total budget of R5-million.

The Letlhabile stormwater project has since been completed at a budget allocation of R5-million.

Madibeng Times recently reported that work on the Rankotea-Mothutlung road hit snags, against the backdrop of a financial squeeze.

At the time it was apparent that the contractor struggled to process salaries dating back three to four weeks.

In all fairness to the contractor, it also emerged there was a delay in his own payment from the Madibeng Local Municipality.

The platinum-rich, but lesser-known enclave of Rankotea lies beyond the hills west of the sprawling township of Mothutlung.

Mining activity continues in the area, whereby it is believed there is a wealth of underground mineral deposits.