Madibeng Executive Mayor, Jostina Mothibe

Madibeng Executive Mayor, Jostina Mothibe

National government has placed on record that waste removal contracts in Madibeng had expired and not been filled.

The director overseeing the waste removal contracts, it is alleged, halted the process.

In an attempt to understand the apparent underhand goings on around these contracts, Madibeng Times engaged an insider, who unpacked a scenario which baffled even our own source.

For instance, our source suggests that first and foremost, the value chain personnel responsible for the process were moved around, apparently to give way to preferred candidates.

A whistle-blower who made contact with the Presidential anti-corruption hotline impressed on the Ministry for cooperative governance and traditional affairs, that managers in this department have been “promoted” to acting directors.

The insider who spoke to Madibeng Times under anonymity, said he suspected the director in question could have refused to continue – rather than halt – the process of the contracts.

The reason for the latter apparent reluctance by the director concerned to continue with the process, according to the insider, was that the director could have refused to participate in the questionable compliance status of applicants, or some of them.

For instance, suggested the Madibeng Times source, the major point of departure as far as rules were concerned, was for applicants to be in possession of a tipper truck.

“Was the director satisfied that applicants were in possession of these trucks, hence I suspect the director chose not to participate in a process that could be easily manipulated,” the insider explained.

Stranger still, the Ministry has placed on record, obviously informed by information from the whistle-blower, that waste contractors in Madibeng were being used as “a bargaining tool” to destabilize the municipality.

In the meantime, service delivery was severely hampered, with the Hartbeespoort waste management having ground to a “complete halt”.

“The director must explain why appointments have not been made for over as year,” the Ministry demands.

At this stage of the Ministry documentation, fingers are pointed at Madibeng executive mayor, Jostina Mothibe.

“It is alleged some people have been targeted for these contracts, and have been in contact with the executive mayor and the director. Treasury must intervene and fill in these contracts.”

It is within the latter context in mind, that the Ministry has demanded of the concerned director to explain why appointments had not been made for over a year.

There was a month-to-month renewal of these contracts, according to the Ministry.