Certain sectors, amongst other, within the Madibeng Municipality, under the auspices of Section 154  and 159, has been placed under the mentioned sections in administration. Six months have elapsed since the initial decision was actioned. The report was made aware to the public after too many tenderpreneur businesses in Madibeng were identified. 

Last year, R87-million went missing from the municipal coffers. Also, funds that are allocated and not spent are forfeited or missapropriated. Interesting enough, the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) in the North-West Province called for immediate action against municipal officials that failed to spend close to R800-million of conditional grants allocated towards infrastructure. Four clinics in Madibeng were also closed, yet state healthcare services still claims an additional R10-million. Private companies employed by the municipalities are enriched at the expense of an impoverished population. SANCO has taken to single-handedly fight for the plight of the masses that suffer without service delivery.

The Madibeng Municipality’s ‘Department of Bribery and Corruption’ has allegedly been thriving, since an estimated amount of R 1,5-billion has been lost and not recovered thereto. This is an alarming amount ‘allocated’ to the pockets of municipal officials, service providers through rigged tender processes and their friends and family.

It is scandalous that municipalities stand to forfeit underspent grant allocations while there are serious infrastructure blockages, poverty and unemployment. “Those who are supposed to monitor business to business activities and performance indicators should take responsibility and make corrective measures to eliminate under-performance and inefficiency,” says SANCO Provincial Chairperson Paul Sebegoe.

SANCO  in the North-West also called for a probe into allegations of corruption, tender-rigging and mismanagement in the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District in Vryburg. The situations is allegedly just as bad here back at home in Madibeng. Sebegoe has called for authorities to get to the bottom of matters until all rot is uprooted and funds lost recovered. There are present allegations that nothing has been done since the 2013/14 financial year. The allegations of the the abovementioned graft runs into hundreds of millions. The beneficiaries are said to be not only black millionaires but also 100% white owned companies. Municipal officials and councilors are said to have interest within the said companies and tenders. This is a grave disgrace, inequality and injustice to the people.

There are policies and processes that need to be followed when awarding a tender to any company bidding.  The fundamental aspects about the whole scenario is that the policies and processes are to be followed by both the business and the person awarding the tender.

The tender awarding system used by Madibeng officials these days are purely based on enriching individuals within the council.  Madibeng officials award tenders to families and friends who in return receive a bribe.  This is allegedly the case as present and past reports show.

The policies and processes includes the tender being advertised, companies then produce their documentation for bidding, the company being elected and given the said amount for the tender, proper evaluations by the inspectors and the financial audit being made with all the receipts filed.

What is happening in our own municipality is a total disgrace with the municipal officials awarding tenders to companies who are reluctant to supply said services.  Some of the officials are charging more than the project requires so that they can benefit in the form of kickbacks.

Bribery is rife in Madibeng with officials no longer being afraid to steal funds from the poor and the funds untraceably disappear out of the municipal coffers.  Recently, R1,5-billion disappeared in without a trace.

Are there no other people who can outperform these corrupt officials who give kickbacks to their relatives and friends.  The ordeal must come to an end and this buddy businesses must be stopped.  Nepotism is unethical and dishonest.

Thorough investigations should be made and those found guilty penalised.  A recent statement made by SANCO calls for a probe into tender-rigging, allegations emphasised that the community cannot suffer and wallow in poverty and underdevelopment while some municipal officials, councillors and tenderpreneurs are swimming in wealth

“We are concerned that nothing seems to have been done since the 2013/14 Auditor General’s Financial Management Report was supposedly handed to the premier and the executive mayor, Elvis Tladinyane ten months ago,” he stressed

The way forward is to dismiss corrupt and incompetent officials, remove their friends and family from municipal data bases acting as service providers. Also, more stringent protocol should be put in place concerning the allocating tender awards. Thorough background checks should be done with regard to conflict of interest within the regulatory framework.