The next municipal elections are looming and each political party should be gearing up in terms of strategy, public relations, marketing and, of course, campaigns to win more votes. We have had several leaders head the Madibeng Municipality with a hue of political affiliations, ethics, beliefs and different influences.

We have had men and woman of black ethnicity and ANC propagation come in and soon walk out through the doors of the office of the municipal manager. Has broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) really brought about the desired changes? The ANC themselves have admitted that it is a massive failure.

The masses are still impoverished, it is but a handful of black ‘fortunates’ that have attained quality education, decent employment, and that stream through Sandton lit clandestined diners and drive around in luxury cars. The municipal leadership are lucky enough to join their cadre. But what about the working class masses that have to drink alleged feces-infested waters, walk on substandard roads (even for pedestrians, the pot-hole covered roads are a hazard), suffer without proper electricity, and listen to countless excuses of where six-digit amounts are disappearing out of the municipal coffers. Coincidence? We beg not.

It seems that the ‘real men’ are rather ‘impotent’ when it comes to getting stuff done and delivering on promised service delivery. If one would correlate the metaphor correctly, it terms of ‘performance’ and and ‘getting it up’, they are failing miserably.

Maybe it is time for a change of scope, ‘once you go black you never go back,’ has obtained a rather tainted legacy. Leaders should be positioned according to their merits not their ‘meet and greet deal handshakes’ or racial background. Maybe we need a white man that ‘can jump.’ Not to conclusions but to results. Gays have been marginalised, discriminated against, denied employment, unjustly blamed for the HIV epidemic – they know suffering and the results of hatred just like our black population does in relation to the apartheid past. They were forced into mental asylums in the old regime, experimented on by our armed forces – brutally beaten and lashed, even raped to ‘make real men of them.’ After classified files where leaked, it was discovered that the South African Armed Forces even forced certain gain men to surgically ‘womanised’ in order to ‘rectify’ their sexuality. Regarding the HIV/Aids issue, who else would have the best awareness, understanding, and put the right policies in place than a gay population that was once ravaged by this epidemic in the past. It was nonetheless the HIV virus that was earlier in the unjust past dubbed gay-related immune deficiency (GRID).

This is the kind of journey and experience and instilled character that is needed in a leader – one who can empathise with the people, one who has suffered, one who was forced to bare the ‘shame’ of their orientation. Even labeled as ‘child molesters’ by the uniformed and uneducated public. Yet, in recent times the South African welfare unit has untrusted more and more children to – yes, gay couples – why? Because of their competence. The DA seems very gay-friendly, and this to its political advantage. The EFF’s Julius Malema has created a ‘pink’ soldier and flaring representative, namely Jaco Oelofse, and the ANC, well has fallen off the bus. But, none of these parties have placed gay individuals into higher positions of power, either to represent or lead. Equity targets in terms of sexual orientation and demographic representation has not been reached.

Gay men have a deeper sense and feeling for their fellow human beings, a man with a softer side can accomplish more than a man with a spear. Because of  stigma attached to being gay, gay men have grown into the culture of accomplishing, proving wrong and outperforming their so-called ‘testosterone-driven’ counterparts. Research has proved that many gay men have a more proportioned balance of the female hormone than their straight counterparts. This increases the maternal ability to nurture, protect, and to empathise with the downtrodden.

Talking of Sandton again, if you previewed the owners of most successful business in South Africa’s greatest business hub, to your surprise, these are white gay men. And, when it comes to accumulating wealth – white gay men win again. Why? Years of persecution has taught them to be agile, target based, successful and perseverant. They have had to prove the haters wrong all the way.

They have learnt to embrace minorities and not be influenced by culture or hate speeched religion. They have learnt to love despite race, gender, sexuality, or political affiliation. Gay men have infiltrated every square of our society, and every inch of the corporate world. One almost wants to say ‘boys’ run the world (Beyonce would probably cringe) – maybe ‘boys’ should be running this side of the world too? Let us forget the myth that the world owes any of us anything and place our leaders by merit alone. Would you like a gay mayor with that?


  1. Anonymous

    Are you going to run? I would support you, Mnce Strue! You hold very progressive ideas that definitely can help Madibeng to come out of this dark cloud of incompetence and corruption. Madibeng, given that Thaba-tsa-Mogale have been designated as a UNESCO biosphere, needs new leadership. New energy. A new focus, and you are it.

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