Medi-Roots an illegal tavern disturbing the peace

 It is alleged that the tavern Medi-Roots in Block B, Letlhabile, owned by a well-known businessman known as ‘Bantal’ had been operating business without paying municipal levies.

A source close to the tavern told Madibeng Times that the tavern has ever since been a public disturbance. “The matter has been reported to the Local Municipality of Madibeng, the municipality is well aware that the tavern is not paying water and electricity,” the source said.

“They are using the municipality’s services for free while other household’s services are being terminated. We have referred the matter to our lawyers, we are surprised to see that the tavern is still operating,” our source confirmed.

“We request that an investigation is made to check whether the place is run properly and that everybody is not disturbed,” the source added.

“We will not rest until we see this place permanently closed. If needs be, we will mobilise and march to the place and demolish it ourselves if no one is taking any action regarding this matter. We suspect that this place condones young children using drugs and alcohol,” said a resident.

It is further alleged that the place has been reported several times to the municipality but no action has been taken. The information further indicates that the owner stays in Rabokala near Letlhabile.