Man dies after inhaling sewer gas

A continuation of the story featured in the Madibeng Times, year 5 issue 17 on page 6 titled ‘Man admitted to hospital after inhaling poison gas from sewer.’

Few days after print, it was reported that the man who was admitted to hospital after inhaling poisonous gas, had passed away. According to the report, the man was released from hospital and returned home.

As a result that the municipality could not unblock the burst sewer pipe, a few days after his arrival, he was found dead at home.

Residents and family members were devastated about the incident, they never stopped blaming the government, especially the Local Municipality of Madibeng for negligence.

After his departure, witnesses confirmed that they saw a municipal vehicle in the area trying to clear out the waste on the street. “Therefor they were avoiding bad publicity by trying to cover their tracks. This has been going on for quite some time and no one at the municipality cares, until an innocent life is lost,” they said 

“The municipality think they are smart and hope that by leaving us with this terrible smell, it will kill us and then they will be free from their responsibilities.” the community added. The man was laid to rest on the 12 September, 2015, at Oukasie Cemetery