Energy Manaka, new Acting Municipal Manager involved in inappropriate expenditure

This came after Mr. Monde Juta’s secondment was resolved by the Special Council on the 4 August, 2015. Mr. Energy Manaka, acting director of Public Safety, Fleet and Facilities Management was appointed as an Acting Municipal Manager by the MEC for Local Government and Human Settlement Mr. Collen Maine.

Mr. Manaka, earning approximately R90 000 a month has been accused of being involved in the decision making of awarding projects for the renovation of his office. This included lights costing about R25 000-00, wall paintings costing roughly R24 000, the repair of carpets to the value of R25 000-00, and many other miscellaneous projects below R30 000. This totals to a misappropriation of roughly R100 000.

It is alleged that the incident was orchestrated by senior members of the Madibeng Municipality. This includes Mr. Manaka, who has been promoted to acting municipal manager. Being as it is, all projects inclusively were billed below R30 000. This means that the mentioned projects did not follow the accepted tender process.

Municipal officials are earning exuberant salaries even though the masses are disadvantaged constantly, lacking service delivery and suffering unemployment. Officials earn these high salaries while municipal needs are not met, this expresses the greed of officials – they would rather pocket sky-rocketing amounts instead of ensuring competent service delivery.

Their salaries should be adjusted in order to help and finance the building of RDP houses, provide proper roads, buy land for those who are in need,ensure clean water – especially to affected communities like Jericho and Majakaneng.

Competing for exuberant salaries and positions has become the order of the day, and has sold out the workers revolution and the struggle for better working conditions, it has even replaced the fight to earn a living wage. Being corrupt has evolved their own personal trademark.

Madibeng has a 44% unemployment rate among the youth, yet officials occupying these positions destroy the youth’s opportunities at the expense of the taxpayer. These mentioned officials are shameless and should be dismissed, facing the full wrath of the law.

The country is currently focusing on the coming 2016 local elections, which commences in less than 10-months. The pressure is on full-throttle, while more and more corrupt officials are being eliminated. These senior municipal workers think that the public is too ignorant and are easily misled. Our municipality is in a shameful state and no action has followed. It is even alleged that Mr. James Molokoane planted street poles that were not established according to the needed legislation or specifications.

For how long still are we expected to blow the whistle on corruption? And, instead of the ANC suspending those accused and found guilty, they rather promote, reinstate or transfer them to other municipalities, giving them freedom to continue on their criminal paths

The nation is bleeding because most South Africans are more interested in enriching themselves than prioritising the needs of their citizens. Was Mr. Manaka given authority to have his own office renovated? Was he also the one to authorise that the repairs that took place at the Primindia Hall?

It is the duty of all South African citizens to safe-guard their municipalities from criminal activity.   Section 139 (1) b has been introduced not long ago, but it has proved difficult to implement and follow through. The public still demand the feedback it was promised.

Madibeng spokesperson, Mr. Sipho Nkosi emphasised that “the administrator has been appointed to accelerate the intervention.” Our municipality is a well-known for granting special favours, paying kickbacks, and stacking up on incomplete jobs and projects.

We are talking about taxpayers’ money that is being spent, wasted, and used unfairly by our political leaders. Mr. Manaka and his dishonest dealings has cost the Madibeng Municipality millions of rands. Was he also the one who authorised the re-ceiling of the Brits Fire Station? In fact, we as the public would like to know who gave Mr. Manaka the power to sign for the mentioned expenses.

Were there any second or third contestants in all the projects done, or perhaps all the projects were automatically assigned to a favoured company without following proper evaluations? Who’s fooling who? When is this whole drama that the population has to suffer in this manner going to end? Who were the parties to contend in the needed tender process? The municipality has the public to face and to answer to.