Criminals arrested for possession of illegal firearms and theft

 A vehicle was recovered by the Brits SAPS, where the accused was arrested for the illegal possession of firearms and also stolen articles. This release follows the accused appearing in Brits Magistrate’s Court on 7 September, 2015.

The accused was arrested on 5 September, 2015, while he was accompanied by two accomplices. The accused was stopped by the police during a patrol, due to the suspicion that the police had about the vehicle. After a thorough search was conducted, the police found stolen articles and an illegal firearm with ammunition. The accused was then arrested on the grounds of possessing the mentioned firearm and ammunition without possessing a legal firearm licence.

All suspects appeared in Brits Magistrate’s Court, but only one of them was released on bail because he had no previous offenses against his name. The two accused, both aged 32, are still in police custody and they will be appearing in the Brits Magistrate’s Court with the third perpetrator, on 11 September, 2015.