ANC Youth League President Collen Maine has never joined COPE – Statement by the former Provincial Secretary of the ANC Kabelo Mataboge

The 25th National Congress of the ANCYL was a watershed moment in our history as it came after three years of political fullness. It importantly reflected on the state of our youth, took key resolutions to advance their interests and rallying them behind the vision of the ANC of creating a united, nonracial and nonsexist South Africa.

Furthermore elected a collective requisite to the task and challenges of the day led by Pres. Collen Maine from the North West.

We have noted the release of falsified claims about the political profile of Collen Maine including that he was a member of COPE a claim I dismiss with the contempt it deserves.

Collen Maine has since 2009 held various responsibilities in the ANC ranging from MP, MPL, MEC and Chairperson of the ANCYL to date and at no stage has this matter been raised. WHY NOW?

The report been referred to in which its alleged he and leaders of the ANC at that time collaborated with COPE was dismissed by the ANC as a political concoction, lacking basis and substance and therefore couldn’t be validated.

It is therefore untrue that Collen Maine to the best of my knowledge and the ANC as fingered by the report was ever a member of COPE.