Tokyo Juta Maluleke AXED by ANCYL

Tokyo Juta Maluleke AXED by ANCYL

Tokyo Juta Maluleke AXED by ANCYL

The question came after arguments were made by leaders in the African National Congress (ANC) whether the former Madibeng Local Municipality, Municipal Manager, Mr. Monde Juta should be redeployed to his previous position.


It is alleged that Monde Juta was amongst the officials that were influential in decision making and calling the shots at the municipality. The allegation further indicates that Juta only gave major tenders to certain big companies.

According to the report given by the community during a memorandum submission to the Local Municipality of Madibeng on the 29th of June 2015, Gorogang was given a project worth millions to build a bridge in Jericho but failed to deliver on the project.


The same company after it had failed to perform on the Jericho project was given another project in Fafung. The accusations clearly state that Juta was also part of the decision making in the municipality.


The allegations also point out that Juta has appointed a man who is his family member to act as manager in the Department of Technical Services. There has been missing funds from the municipal coffers and there has never been any arrests whatsoever.


The municipality operates without a proper budget as funds are being shifted left, right and centre without any due process and proper decision making. People who are opposing the way senior members in Madibeng operate, are subjected to lengthy suspensions without any reason; they spend years before disciplinary hearing is held.


If there are allegations of corruption linked to Madibeng senior officials and councillors, instead of the ANC expelling the perpetrator, the organisation will immediately shift the person to another municipality to do more corruption and cause uncertainty to the community in that area.


There are members in the ANC who feel that the decision to deploy Juta to Ditsobotla Local Municipality to assume the role of Acting Municipal Manager was not the right move, therefore Juta must be returned and be reinstated to his previous position (Madibeng Municipal Manager).

The ANCYL in the region of Bojanala is outrightly calling for the immediate resignation of the seating regional secretary of the mother body Comrade Tokyo Mataboge. The call is inspired by a series of unacceptable and stinking conduct by the said comrade.


They chanted, “Tokyo Mataboge must resign as the ANC Bojanala Regional Secretary.” According to the statement made, Mataboge and his few cronies claim to have sat for the REC meeting on the 11 August 2015 which was to the best of their knowledge unconstitutional and further took decisions that are way beyond the constitutional powers of the Regional Executive Committee.


This fraudulent meeting thereafter released a statement which challenged the decisions of the upper structure (PEC) to have the redeployed former Municipal Manager, Mr. Monde Juta returned to his previous post in Madibeng local municipality.

“The ANCYL feels obliged to educate this organisationally illiterate bunch of non-starters that it is foreign and impossible for the lower structure to reverse the decision of the upper structure in the ANC.”


“We therefore reject and distance the ANCYL from whatever is deemed to be the result of that so-called REC meeting,” said ANCYL Bojanala Spokesperson Vincent Moche. The regional secretary is central to the confusion that is gradually arising in the politically stable region of Bojanala.


The comrade is even brave enough to use his personal bodyguards to stifle organisational democracy by means of intimidating members of the ANC in branches. These together with many instances of his personal conduct that is threatening the moral grounds of the ANC are primarily the reasons that force the ANCYL to call for his immediate resignation.


The ANCYL further wishes to warn the ANC regional secretary that failure to adhere to this call by the end of this week will only result in the Youth League embarking on a program to lobby branches of the ANC to pass a motion of no confidence on him during the September RGC.


“We are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that there are many other seasoned ANC comrades who are not be power-drunk like the current regional secretary, and that there must be an action to remove him from that position; either that action is voluntarily done by him or by the branches of the ANC,” added Moche.


And the ANCYL will upon the lapse of the time given to him embark on the massive drive to ensure that branches of the ANC understand the more detailed reasons that have forced us to arrive at this conclusion.


“We are not even prepared to accept a discussion that seek to lobby us to wait for the next regional congress to effect this decision, for the face of Tokyo as the regional secretary represent the speedy erosion of the culture of the ANC and negatively affect the proper governance of the municipalities around Bojanala region,” concluded Moche.

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