Murder suspects granted R3000 bail each

The two suspects, Sharon Twala and Koketso Comfort Moyo appeared in the Brits Magistrate’s Court on the 7th of July 2015 for bail application. The matter was postponed to the 8th of July 2015 by Magistrate Maswanganyi.

On the 8th of July 2015, prosecutor Martin Tshishonga and the defence advocate Mboweni agreed with magistrate Moses Maswanganyi that the suspects (Moyo and Twala) in the murder case, be given R3000 bail each on condition that they must not leave the country and that they must report everyday to a nearby police station. Magistrate Maswanganyi further indicated that he was only approving the bail application and allowing the suspects to be released on bail because they had no pending criminal cases against them nor any criminal records whatsoeve“I am not saying the two suspects are not guilty or they are both guilty. We must all understand that you are not guilty until proven guilty, also I want to emphasise that this is not a trial but a bail application and both suspects were thoroughly explained to before the court not to answer questions from the defence and the prosecutor that will implicate them but rather to focus on the bail application.” “What I have heard today simply made me realise that they do deserve to be given bail. I mean, keeping them in the prison cells while investigating could be a bit harsh. By what has been said in the court, the two suspects are not flight risks and therefore they have agreed not to interfere with the investigation processes.” “I therefore agree with the fact that they must be granted a R3000 bail each and be allowed to relocate to the addresses given to their defence, prosecutor and the investigating officer. I would advice and plead with the fuming public outside that they must bear in mind that the law will take its course and bring justice on the case.”


“We therefore need the communities’ co-operation in this regard to complete our case without any disturbances. I would also want to urge the suspects that failing to comply with the conditions given by the court will then lead to their arrests,” concluded the magistrate. Failure to comply with the conditions given by the court will lead to arrest. Meanwhile, the two suspects are now being investigated for the kidnap and murder of Boitumelo Dlamini. The next court appearance is on the 26th of August 2015. Families, friends, youth league, women’s league and community members from around Letlhabile and Maboloka together with SANCO members including various community representatives and also former Madibeng Mayor Mpho Poppy Magongwa attended the court hearing. SANCO member Poppy Magongwa emphasised to the court that the suspects must be denied bail because they might be hurt by the community even if they are relocated elsewhere in the Republic of South Africa. “The possibilities are there that they might be hurt by the community members because the news is everywhere and members of the public are hurt and furious about the incident. Even if they be relocated anywhere in the country, news travels fast.” “One can travel and meet up with them and then inform others about their whereabouts and they might be attacked. We will try to calm the situation down so that both the families and the accused are not injured by the angry community members.” said Poppy Magongwa. The investigating officer, Tlhabane Julius Nkgweng from Letlhabile Police Station opposed the bail application, fearing that their lives might be in danger if they were to be released on bail. “The community members picketing outside the court have in their possession placards illustrating that the accused must not be released on bail.” “Both accused number one and two have their addresses and further alternative addresses, one in the district of Madibeng and the other one outside. They both have clean records. Accused number two (Koketso Moyo) is the driver who drove the car from Letlhabile to the scene where the deceased was killed.” “Accused number one (Sharon Twala) is the one who took the deceased from school and into the car. Apparently, when they were at the scene, accused one and four (Sharon Twala and Cynthia Mosupi) assaulted Boitumelo Dlamini before she was set alight.”


“Whilst assaulting Boitumelo, Sharon remained behind holding her so that Cynthia could bring the Petrol contained in the 5 litre bottle from Koketso’s car. Before Cynthia could start the fire, Sharon ran away to avoid catching the fire.” “They both (Boitumelo and Cynthia) ran away screaming, and Koketso and Sharon also ran away. Boitumelo ran to Koketso and Sharon, while Cynthia also burning, ran to Victor Pilane who was with them.” “The information was given to me by Koketso, Sharon and Victor who both agreed to be the state witnesses. I need approximately three (3) to six (6) months before I can complete the case,” said Constable Nkgweng. Cynthia had a child with Boitumelo’s boyfriend, Tokelo. According to Sharon Twala, Cynthia called her to come and meet with her and Koketso. She found both of them waiting near a creche in Letlhabile. After dropping the child at the creche, she got into Koketso’s parents’ car and was asked to accompany them to go and have a discussion with Boitumelo. “She requested that we go and talk to Boitumelo; Cynthia phoned Boitumelo to come and meet with us.” “After 5 minutes, Cynthia’s boyfriend Victor Pilane came across the road, Cynthia yelled at Victor saying that she had been phoning him and his phone was off. Victor left but promised to return, indeed he returned and parked his car in front of us.” “We then switched cars from Koketso’s parents car to Victor’s car, Cynthia and Victor started smoking dagga then Boitumelo arrived, I went to her and gave her a hug and we both went straight to Koketso’s car. Cynthia followed and they both sat at the back seat.” “My friend Koketso drove away the car and we were followed by Victor who was driving behind us. Cynthia then told us that she wanted to visit her family at Rabokala, we went there together.” said Sharon.

 Koketso Moyo told the court that on the 18th of June 2015 after she left her parents home to buy airtime at the shopping complex in Letlhabile, she received a call from Cynthia asking about her whereabouts. “When we got to the speed hump towards Jethro Pelle School, I told Cynthia that we could not go any further because I did not have petrol in the car. Cynthia kept on promising that she would buy me petrol, when I asked about the 5 litre containing petrol, she said to me that she would use it in her family’s car.” “She said I must proceed driving towards the T-Junction indicating Madidi and Klipgat. Cynthia and Boitumelo were both quiet at the back seat.” “She kept telling me that I should turn as soon as we came across an intersection; I drove up to a point where Cynthia said I should stop the car and after stopping the car, she forcefully removed Boitumelo from the car and assaulted her while accusing her of being involved with her ex-boyfriend, Tokelo.” During the entire incident, Boitumelo kept on saying that she was sorry about everything and that Tokelo was the one forcing himself on her and that she would eventually set the record straight with him. “Boitumelo tried to run away and fell down.” “Cynthia grabbed Boitumelo and twisted her arm and poured petrol on her, I tried to stop her but she said I must mind my own business. When Koketso and I looked on the other side, we saw Victor taking videos using his cellphone.” “Suddenly, the fire erupted and it was Boitumelo burning and Cynthia also caught the fire from her feet. There was nothing we could do to stop the fire as there was no water or loose soil. We went to look for help and ended up at the police station where we were told that we should go to the complex and flag down any police vehicle on the road.” “There was no police vehicle on the road and Tokelo’s friend took us back to the scene where we found Boitumelo’s body still at the scene burned badly. Victor and Cynthia were not at the scene at that time. After approximately 45 minutes later, Letlhabile police vehicle arrived and they questioned us in separate cars.” “They then took us to Letlhabile police station where officer Nkgweng told us that we were going to spend the night at Hartbeespoort Dam police station.” said Koketso Moyo. Meanwhile, the two suspects, Sharon Twala and Koketso Comfort Moyo will now be investigated for charges of kidnap and murder of Boitumelo Dlamini. The next court appearance will take place at Brits Magistrate’s Court on the 26th of August 2015.