Maboloka clap and tap choirs

“We gathered at Brazil soccer field for a soccer match and later we visited Maboloka old age to spend the rest of the day with the elderly, singing and offering them groceries.” Emphasised the event co-ordinator JJ Radebe.

ChoirThe event co-ordinator, Radebe, further said that, “we, as the youth of Maboloka, gathered at the old age believing that some of the people who are at the old age stood up for us during the time of apartheid.” He also added that this was just the beginning for the community of Maboloka; as choirs we need to give back to our community as they are our supporters. The management of the old age was happy and thanked the youth of Maboloka. The elderly sang along and danced to the songs by the choristers.

2 thoughts on “Maboloka clap and tap choirs

  1. Editor Post author

    This is a great team I think that the clap and tap choir has potential. We need more ppl like this to take action.

  2. Dina Molelekwa

    We are so proud of our youth cause their are keeping themselves away from negative behavior big up guys keep up the good work.

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