Councillor Sefudi’s car set alight

Councillor Sefudi's badly burned carWard councillor Jack Sefudi’s car was set alight at his home in Oukasie Masenkeng section while parked in the garage, causing damages amounting to thousands of rands.

This incident happened on the 9th of July 2015, just after construction workers in Oukasie engaged in the protest for non payments. This came as a shocking surprise to the councillor when he was called by his family and neighbours alerting him that his car was on fire Destroying other people’s properties is against the law and can lead to arrest and imprisonment. Community members are advised to refrain from destroying properties whenever they demonstrate against the lack of service delivery in their areas. Speaking to the Madibeng Times, ward 13 Councillor Jack Sefudi said: “I don’t want to lie. This came as a surprise to me and my family.” “I rushed to the scene where my car was parked and found my family and my neighbours busy trying to clear the fire.”


“Before the fire, my family heard people whispering outside and suddenly there was a sound of a smashing window; it was my car’s back window and immediately a fire started. They could not see the people who started the fire but definitely someone set my car alight.” “We called the police and the forensic department came and took photos and promised to report back to me with the full results of what caused the fire, I can confirm that the police are investigating a case of arson and soon we will know what happened.” said councillor Sefudi. Cllr. Sefudi added that the reason his car was parked at his parents home was because of the construction project taking place whereby internal roads in Masenkeng section are being paved, and it thus making difficult for cars to drive past the area. Cllr. Sefudi did not say much about whether the car was insured and whether there are more damages in terms of other properties being involved in the fire. There was no reply from the police about the forensic report yet.

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