Brits and the ‘Welcome Signs’ on every entrance

Would you believe that millions of rands have been spent to create such beautiful and attractive ‘Welcome Signs’ surrounded by small parks. These signs are found at various entrances including Hendrik Verwoerd Avenue towards Brits Mall and Letlhabile road to name a few.

welcome signWhy go to such trouble of erecting the signs made out of granite stone surrounded by parks knowing for a fact that the municipality will fail to maintain the areas? So far there has been no effort to build a respectable municipality. For the past seven years our municipality has been struggling to create jobs for the public though possibilities are there and only need a leadership with vision to translate these possibilities into something tangible. Until when are we going to wait for the restoration of our municipality? Are we ever going to smile and say our municipality has now been turned into a model municipality that everybody would love to be a part of?Not all the municipalities in the whole country are struggling with service delivery but only those with incompetent officials as well as councillors who are not committed to their work.


Why are such leaders given opportunities and allowed to run municipalities when it is common knowledge that they struggle to deliver on their mandate. You can sing a song off tune but it is only when you strike the right chord that the value of the song is realised. Our municipality has been playing off tune for too long now. We have been preaching about poor service delivery in Madibeng, with the public demonstrating and indicating their grievances, yet no one in Madibeng wants to deal with the situation. Who should we blame? Should we blame our ruling party (ANC), our municipality, employees at the very same municipality?   Blame whomever you want to blame but the problem will never go away. Unless a certain group of people in Madibeng Municipality working as councillors and officials can be removed or forced to resign so that new officials and councillors can be appointed, we will see no change in our municipality.