Two young girls burned and butchered alive

Boitumelo Dlamini.

Boitumelo Dlamini.




Abducted by friends, kidnapped for days, cut both legs and a hand out alive screaming and or perhaps pleaded not to be murdered, later the helpless body is set alight to deface the identity.”


The whole thing was orchestrated with friends for days, weeks, months or perhaps years, playing nice to the victim knowing that on this date she will be slashed and set her alight alive. Such violent attacks must not taken lightly, they should be watched with extreme caution to prevent it from happening again.


What lies in someone’s head when you start orchestrating something of this nature? The thought of buying petrol, put it in the car, organise pangas and sharp objects, get enough people to help you and make sure that you are not going to get caught. Emma was found burnt with her legs and one hand cut off.


How cruel and heartless could that be when someone you trust or know do such a horrible action, cutting your legs out while alive after setting alight and watch while you burn to death without feeling any guilty.


A tragic incident left both the Seloadi and Dlamini families stranded, devastated and wondering why such drama could happen to their families. They are left with unanswered questions of why a normal person can do such thing and feel as if nothing bad has happened.


This happened after two cases of murder were reported in different police stations in Madibeng Municipality. Emma Refiloe Seloadi (19) was reported missing on the evening of the 6th of June 2015 few days before youth day.


A team of family members of the missing person went all out to look for their loved one and Mothotlung SAPS was also informed. The men who was reported to have been with the last person seen with the deceased was attacked and was badly assaulted by his friends, and the burnt body of Emma was subsequently found on 2015-06-10 at the nearby bushes in Mothotlung.


Miky Dlamini and students at Eletsa Secondary School in Letlhabile zone 5 are mourning the death of Boitumelo Dlamini (19) who was also torched alive by the alleged suspect, Tshimologo Cynthia Mosupi on the 18th of June 2015 at Klipgat.


According to eyewitnesses, it is alleged that the grade 12 pupils had an argument over a boyfriend at Klipgat and the suspect, Cynthia, decided to set Boitumelo alight using petrol. How could the two similar incidents happen the same way, on the same month and to almost similar people?


According to what transpired on the first incident, Emma was last seen with her cousin while on their way to a nearby Pub at Mothotlung called Beef cake’s place. The two ladies were later joined by five males driving a green VW Golf and a white Honda Ballade while having some good time at the aforementioned pub.


Furthermore, the police indicated that Emma was approached by one of the man who went with her outside to buy her some fried chips. Later on, the man left the lady outside the pub to attend some family issues at home; according to his statement.


On Sunday the 7th June 2015 at about 19:15, a missing person’s report was done at Mothotlung SAPS.


Although they were keeping posted telephonically, the last person who was seen with the deceased alleged that he went home to recharge his cellphone. The following day the cousin to the deceased went to the guy who was last seen with the deceased to look for her and could not find her.


“The body was positively identified by the father of the deceased. A case of assault with intention to cause grievous bodily harm was opened at Mothotlung SAPS, and four suspects were arrested and have since appeared before Ga-Rankuwa magistrate’s court on the 2015-06-12.”

“The four suspects including the victim of assault might be linked to the murder of the 19 years old female, as far as investigations are concerned.” said Sergeant Tumi Menyatso, South African Police Services, Mmakau Cluster Corporate Communication, North West Province.


On the 20th of June 2015, Emma Refiloe Seloadi was laid to rest at the Brits Cemetery. The service took place at Mothutlung community hall. Amongst those who attended the event was Madibeng Chief Whip Simon Klaas, SAPS, Safe place White Door Ambassador Pastor Margaret Kanyane, Solo Riders Pitori MCC, Councillor ward 4 Mrs. Rebecca Morudu and Amandasig Secondary School.


Solo Riders Pitori MCC from Pretoria emphasized that they felt that at a time like this they ought to come and pay their last respect. Even though they did not know the Selaodi family that much but they said that nobody deserves to die brutally like that.


First Princess Miss Akasia Lerato Molefe gave advice to the youth that they should look out for each other and choose friends wisely. “What happened is a serious tragedy and we are very much sad about what happened and hope to learn from it.” she said.


LCR President at Amandasig Secondary School Neo Malefahlo said Emma was always friendly, cheerful person and liked order in the classroom. “Her death came as a shock to all of us and we have planned to come up with programmes that will help the rest of us to heal. She said.


Ward Councillor Mrs. Rebecca Morudu and also a member of the ANC Women’s League said, “It is tragic for a girl in South Africa to die like that. We only hear about such things on tv but to see them happening in your neighbourhood is really painful.”


“The Freedom Charter states clearly that everybody has a right to live, nobody has a right to kill another, it is against the law.” said ward councillor.


Emma’s uncle, Mr. Fanie Seloadi said that what happened to Emma cannot be described. “It is very painful to bury a family member who died in this manner. We as the family have put our faith in God. And only He knows why did Emma had to die like that.”


“We had misunderstanding with Mothutlung Police station which is why the case is being handled by the Klipgat and Potchefstroom Police services. The time we realised that Emma was missing we went to report the case at Mothutlung Police Station but we were told by the police that Emma was a slut and they cannot help us at all.”


“After Mothutlung and other communities intervened, they managed to make arrests and by so saying we as the family are very much disappointed in our police services and hope that justice takes its course and those perpetrators prosecuted.” said the uncle.


Fanie Seloadi added that the family have decided to wrap the inside of the grave with an animal skin and also cover the coffin with another skin. One of the family members put a plastic full of the remainings ashes of Emma that they took from where Emma was burned.


At the time of going to press, Mothutlung Police Station was still closed since the 14th of June 2015 by community members for further investigations. It is alleged that a jealous ex-lover of Boitumelo Dlamini’s boyfriend, Tshimologo Cynthia Mosupi poured petrol over Boitumelo Dlamini and set her alight on Thursday on the 18th of June 2015 at Klipgat.


Boitumelo from Letlhabile, North West was in love with a man who had fathered a child with another woman. Although the man had ended the relationship with the mother of his child, the woman would not let go.


Boitumelo was abducted, allegedly by the envious jealous woman and three accomplices. Some were wearing school uniforms as a disguise. Boitumelo was taken to the bush at Klipgat near Mabopane, where she was set alight.


She tried to run away but stumbled, fell to the ground and burnt to death. On top of the fact that Cynthia burned Boitumelo, she acted irresponsibly and apparently also caught fire and had to be taken to hospital. She was later discharged and is now arrested for her evil actions.



“I can’t believe that my daughter is no more,” Miky Dlamini (35) told Madibeng Times. She said she went to look for Boitumelo on Thursday afternoon when she didn’t come home from school as usual. “I was with a friend of hers when she got an SMS saying Boitumelo had been taken away from school by the ex-girlfriend.”


“I rushed to the police station and found out somebody had already alerted the cops. “We went with the police to the scene at Klipgat. I could see Boitumelo’s scarf and beany and I knew something bad had happened.”


“I could not believe it when I saw her badly burnt body. My daughter lived in fear of that ex-girlfriend. Many times she told Boitumelo to leave her child’s father alone or else she would do something bad to her.”


“I took Boitumelo to live with my parents in Maboloka but the woman followed her.” concluded the mother. Boitumelo will be laid to rest on Saturday the 27th of June 2015. The suspect and the accomplices have been arrested for the abduction and murder of Boitumelo. They had appeared in the Brits Magistrate court on the 22 June 2015.

Boitumelo Dlamini.

Seloadi's family members during burial.

Seloadi’s family members during burial.

Seloadi's family members during burial.

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