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Sanco Executive members

Sanco Executive members

On the 16th of June 2015, the South African Civic Organization (SANCO) together with the community of Damonsville in Brits hosted the memorial lecture on the life of the late comrade Enock Seimela.


The day was dedicated to the remembrance of the tragedy of 2014, where a number of comrades lost their lives amidst service delivery protests. The victims included, among others, Bro Mike, Mme Lerato, Jaconea Rabuke and Enock Seimela. Enock was shot by the police while trying to mediate between the community and the police during a march from Mothutlung to the Municipality’s premises.


SANCO extends its sincere gratitudes to the Seimela family for allowing their son to participate in the march. Enock was shot by the police with his hands up in the air attempting tostoptheprotest.Hedied in hospital afewdaysaftertheshooting.




Debra Mashego was given the orders to light the candle against xenophobia, for fallen comrades, for the bullets that killed the fellow comrades while striking for service delivery, for those who are affected and infected by HIV and AIDS and remembering those who passed away.


SANCO Chairperson of the branch Pasture Marema said that the organization is against corruption and they are determined to fight corruption in any way possible. “We are fighting corruption in Madibeng and we are also against drugs that destroys us especially our youth.”


“SANCO wants to know who from Madibeng Municipality gave instructions to the police to shoot those innocent protesters; Enock was shot because instructions were given. In 2016 we are going to vote ANC, the political party is transparent but someone inside the ANC is corrupt not the ANC.”


“Everything in the ANC is clear, someone inside the ANC is manipulating the system and we as the community must stop voting for corrupt councillors by voting for proper representatives. Better service to our community is our priority.” said Chairperson Marema.




Chairperson of SANCO at Ngaka Modiri Molema, Khumalo Molefe said that as SANCO they were verymuchconcernedbecausepeoplewerekilledinMarikana and various other places by the police. In his speech he made mention of, inter-alia, the following victims: Mmuse,Phala,Enock,Mike,Tatane.


“Do we have police to protect us or syndicates? No one was arrested for that matter, not even a police officer. Members of SANCO must have membership of the ANC so that we can have the answers to all those questions and concerns and are be able to identify quality councillors.”


“We want a radical SANCO but a constructive and reasonable radical. SANCO is silent regarding high rates of electricity, water, tax, e-tolls but this silence will soon change into constructive noise .” said Chairperson Molefe.


The Provincial Secretary Packet Seaketso emphasized that in the very same hall it is where Enock Seimela was elected as Chairperson in Damonsville. “We must meet with the General of the police to solicit an explanation from him to us regarding the police who shot Enock.”




“As SANCO we are not going to tolerate what other leaders are doing in the area. I understand that there is this so-called-leader who intentionally divides this community into two groups. He recently organised a party just next door while the community was commemorating the loss of fellow leaders.” said Provincial Secretary Seaketso.


Mr. Seaketso further said that the organization wants to mobalise and expose RDP houses that were given to the wrong people. An RDP house in Letlhabile was converted into a mortuary by a beneficiary and the scandal in Hartbeespoort dam over a land between the farmer and the community must be attended attentively.


Lemmy Seimela regarded his brother, Enock as someone with integrity, helpful and always advising the community. “He was a first born who was always into politics even back home in Limpopop. We are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is no more.”


“There is nothing that we received from the government; we are now hoping to see justice take its course.   My brother has left behind three boys who will always miss him.” said Lemmy.


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