Broken palisade fence imposing danger

A broken palisade fence.

A broken palisade fence.

If we cannot apply proper maintenance to them. We definitely do not need palisade fencing as tall as this one. Our Brits Water Care Works facility has now turned into being a danger to the society with palisade fencing broken down and a terrible smelling coming out of the area.


What would happen if an animal or human was to walk right into the trap and get swallowed by the open big trench at the care works? Who is responsible for the maintenance of the palisade fencing? Is it the Local or Provincial Government.


Why spent millions of rands on a 3 metre palisade fencing instead of 1.5 metre or at least 2 metre fencing? Could this be another ‘tenderpreneurship’ that Madibeng is known of? What is it that is so important to protected that someone can steal. Can someone steal – that is inside the Water Care Works?


What is Madibeng Municipality doing when such things are not being taken care of? Should we as the public just keep quiet when we notice our municipal officials and councillors being forgetful of many important things in our community?


Not even a vulture or a fly would want to fly past the area or feed on what is available in the area. The smell is so disturbing that you can even vomit when passing close by. Our municipal officials and councillors are good at what they are good at.




Our municipality must start acting responsibly towards the public and take full account of all the challenges being experienced in the area. The Brits Water Care Works is supposed to be clean and every attempt should be made to ensure it does not cause an offensive odour.


Fencing must be constantly monitored and all the risks minimised so that everybody, including animals, can be safe. What has happened at the Brits Water Care Works situated at the Thabazimbi road just outside Brits CBD is unbearable and a total humiliationtoresidentsofMadibeng.


Our municipality has left the place unattended and the nearby residents are struggling to cope with the terrible smell coming from the area. Now the three (3) metres palisade fencing that was erected around the care works; the fencing that has cost millions of rands is now collapsing and posing a risk to the population and the animals around.


The main question is “Is our municipality going to be freed from these corrupt politicians and officials that occupy powerful positions in the council? Our municipality is allocated billions of rands every year for budgetary purposes but very little in terms of delivery can be shown.


In spite of the huge amount of money the municipality receives from the National Treasury, the Madibeng politicians and officials still demand more money to use for service delivery.


Building palisade fencing worth millions of rands and then cashing up afterwards is unacceptable. Instead, our municipality should create real jobs for the public and avoid wasting funds on unfruitful jobs costing millions of rands such as the collapsing palisade fencing.