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Two young girls burned and butchered alive

Boitumelo Dlamini.

Boitumelo Dlamini.




Abducted by friends, kidnapped for days, cut both legs and a hand out alive screaming and or perhaps pleaded not to be murdered, later the helpless body is set alight to deface the identity.”


The whole thing was orchestrated with friends for days, weeks, months or perhaps years, playing nice to the victim knowing that on this date she will be slashed and set her alight alive. Such violent attacks must not taken lightly, they should be watched with extreme caution to prevent it from happening again.


What lies in someone’s head when you start orchestrating something of this nature? The thought of buying petrol, put it in the car, organise pangas and sharp objects, get enough people to help you and make sure that you are not going to get caught. Emma was found burnt with her legs and one hand cut off.


How cruel and heartless could that be when someone you trust or know do such a horrible action, cutting your legs out while alive after setting alight and watch while you burn to death without feeling any guilty.


A tragic incident left both the Seloadi and Dlamini families stranded, devastated and wondering why such drama could happen to their families. They are left with unanswered questions of why a normal person can do such thing and feel as if nothing bad has happened.


This happened after two cases of murder were reported in different police stations in Madibeng Municipality. Emma Refiloe Seloadi (19) was reported missing on the evening of the 6th of June 2015 few days before youth day.


A team of family members of the missing person went all out to look for their loved one and Mothotlung SAPS was also informed. The men who was reported to have been with the last person seen with the deceased was attacked and was badly assaulted by his friends, and the burnt body of Emma was subsequently found on 2015-06-10 at the nearby bushes in Mothotlung.


Miky Dlamini and students at Eletsa Secondary School in Letlhabile zone 5 are mourning the death of Boitumelo Dlamini (19) who was also torched alive by the alleged suspect, Tshimologo Cynthia Mosupi on the 18th of June 2015 at Klipgat.


According to eyewitnesses, it is alleged that the grade 12 pupils had an argument over a boyfriend at Klipgat and the suspect, Cynthia, decided to set Boitumelo alight using petrol. How could the two similar incidents happen the same way, on the same month and to almost similar people?


According to what transpired on the first incident, Emma was last seen with her cousin while on their way to a nearby Pub at Mothotlung called Beef cake’s place. The two ladies were later joined by five males driving a green VW Golf and a white Honda Ballade while having some good time at the aforementioned pub.


Furthermore, the police indicated that Emma was approached by one of the man who went with her outside to buy her some fried chips. Later on, the man left the lady outside the pub to attend some family issues at home; according to his statement.


On Sunday the 7th June 2015 at about 19:15, a missing person’s report was done at Mothotlung SAPS.


Although they were keeping posted telephonically, the last person who was seen with the deceased alleged that he went home to recharge his cellphone. The following day the cousin to the deceased went to the guy who was last seen with the deceased to look for her and could not find her.


“The body was positively identified by the father of the deceased. A case of assault with intention to cause grievous bodily harm was opened at Mothotlung SAPS, and four suspects were arrested and have since appeared before Ga-Rankuwa magistrate’s court on the 2015-06-12.”

“The four suspects including the victim of assault might be linked to the murder of the 19 years old female, as far as investigations are concerned.” said Sergeant Tumi Menyatso, South African Police Services, Mmakau Cluster Corporate Communication, North West Province.


On the 20th of June 2015, Emma Refiloe Seloadi was laid to rest at the Brits Cemetery. The service took place at Mothutlung community hall. Amongst those who attended the event was Madibeng Chief Whip Simon Klaas, SAPS, Safe place White Door Ambassador Pastor Margaret Kanyane, Solo Riders Pitori MCC, Councillor ward 4 Mrs. Rebecca Morudu and Amandasig Secondary School.


Solo Riders Pitori MCC from Pretoria emphasized that they felt that at a time like this they ought to come and pay their last respect. Even though they did not know the Selaodi family that much but they said that nobody deserves to die brutally like that.


First Princess Miss Akasia Lerato Molefe gave advice to the youth that they should look out for each other and choose friends wisely. “What happened is a serious tragedy and we are very much sad about what happened and hope to learn from it.” she said.


LCR President at Amandasig Secondary School Neo Malefahlo said Emma was always friendly, cheerful person and liked order in the classroom. “Her death came as a shock to all of us and we have planned to come up with programmes that will help the rest of us to heal. She said.


Ward Councillor Mrs. Rebecca Morudu and also a member of the ANC Women’s League said, “It is tragic for a girl in South Africa to die like that. We only hear about such things on tv but to see them happening in your neighbourhood is really painful.”


“The Freedom Charter states clearly that everybody has a right to live, nobody has a right to kill another, it is against the law.” said ward councillor.


Emma’s uncle, Mr. Fanie Seloadi said that what happened to Emma cannot be described. “It is very painful to bury a family member who died in this manner. We as the family have put our faith in God. And only He knows why did Emma had to die like that.”


“We had misunderstanding with Mothutlung Police station which is why the case is being handled by the Klipgat and Potchefstroom Police services. The time we realised that Emma was missing we went to report the case at Mothutlung Police Station but we were told by the police that Emma was a slut and they cannot help us at all.”


“After Mothutlung and other communities intervened, they managed to make arrests and by so saying we as the family are very much disappointed in our police services and hope that justice takes its course and those perpetrators prosecuted.” said the uncle.


Fanie Seloadi added that the family have decided to wrap the inside of the grave with an animal skin and also cover the coffin with another skin. One of the family members put a plastic full of the remainings ashes of Emma that they took from where Emma was burned.


At the time of going to press, Mothutlung Police Station was still closed since the 14th of June 2015 by community members for further investigations. It is alleged that a jealous ex-lover of Boitumelo Dlamini’s boyfriend, Tshimologo Cynthia Mosupi poured petrol over Boitumelo Dlamini and set her alight on Thursday on the 18th of June 2015 at Klipgat.


Boitumelo from Letlhabile, North West was in love with a man who had fathered a child with another woman. Although the man had ended the relationship with the mother of his child, the woman would not let go.


Boitumelo was abducted, allegedly by the envious jealous woman and three accomplices. Some were wearing school uniforms as a disguise. Boitumelo was taken to the bush at Klipgat near Mabopane, where she was set alight.


She tried to run away but stumbled, fell to the ground and burnt to death. On top of the fact that Cynthia burned Boitumelo, she acted irresponsibly and apparently also caught fire and had to be taken to hospital. She was later discharged and is now arrested for her evil actions.



“I can’t believe that my daughter is no more,” Miky Dlamini (35) told Madibeng Times. She said she went to look for Boitumelo on Thursday afternoon when she didn’t come home from school as usual. “I was with a friend of hers when she got an SMS saying Boitumelo had been taken away from school by the ex-girlfriend.”


“I rushed to the police station and found out somebody had already alerted the cops. “We went with the police to the scene at Klipgat. I could see Boitumelo’s scarf and beany and I knew something bad had happened.”


“I could not believe it when I saw her badly burnt body. My daughter lived in fear of that ex-girlfriend. Many times she told Boitumelo to leave her child’s father alone or else she would do something bad to her.”


“I took Boitumelo to live with my parents in Maboloka but the woman followed her.” concluded the mother. Boitumelo will be laid to rest on Saturday the 27th of June 2015. The suspect and the accomplices have been arrested for the abduction and murder of Boitumelo. They had appeared in the Brits Magistrate court on the 22 June 2015.

Boitumelo Dlamini.

Seloadi's family members during burial.

Seloadi’s family members during burial.

Seloadi's family members during burial.

Community members invade the land

Community members invade the land

Community members invade the land

A land which was turned into Apostolic Church territory has now been transformed into a residential area for the community of Oukasie. Many members of the community have been waiting for this day to arrive so that they too can pick their sites and create their own homes.


On the 15th of June 2015, Oukasie community members elected their own delegates who will represent and assist them during the times of residential sites allocations. The delegates, mainly from the Siyatlhala section, helped register individuals for sites.


The excited community members never stopped acknowledging what had happened and regarded it as one of the great successes the area has ever achieved. The section is yet to be given a suitable name by the community.


Some community members maintain that if those Apostolic Churches can be allowed to occupy the land without anybody from the government complaining and without being expected to pay anything to the Municipality, then surely the community should be allowed to occupy the land without any questions being asked.


They stated that one of the aims for occupying the land was to try and control the illegal influx.   Furthermore, they expect the municipality to soon provide the necessary services such as water, electricity and of course RDP houses.


Those whose names were registered have the opportunity to have their own properties and the 21 June 2015, is the date set for the allocations of the sites after the entire process of registration has been completed.


On the 21st of June 2015 community members of Oukasie felt delighted when awarded a piece of land to make their homes. At least 40 residents received each a site to create and build a home. Others were promised to wait for one week while still busy allocating them a space.

Community members invade the land

Community members invade the land

Unlawful Possession of Explosives Suspects remanded in custody

Two suspects aged 34 and 43 have appeared in Brits Magistrates Court on 22 June 2015 on Unlawful Possession of Explosives following the information that the police had about the arrested suspects.


The information that was supplied to the police revealed that the arrested suspects were on their way to exchange the explosives for money at Moderspruit in Mooinooi, the police pursued the information and successfully managed to apprehend the suspects in possession of the explosives.


One of the arrested suspects is a Mozambican National and he is also an employee of one of the mines in Bapong area. All suspects have been remanded in custody and they will appear again in Brits Magistrates Court on 03 July 2015. Investigation continues.


On the other hand, a suspect aged 30 was arrested on Friday 19 June 2015 in Hartbeespoortdam dam near the dam by Hartbeespoortdam Police. The incident took place at about 23:55 where the police got a tip off from one of the community member who alleged that were two suspects plotting to commit housebreaking at Peacan Wood Estate on the same day of the arrest.


Therefore the police together with the patrolling security of the area managed to trace the suspects who were cruising by boat (Canoe). The suspects after realising that they were followed by the police, they attempted to sail faster to abscond the arrest but they could not manage to control the boat and fell inside the dam, one suspect tried to swim to the bank of the dam but failed and got arrested by the police while the other suspect vanished inside the water until he was found drown on Monday 22 June 2015 at around 11:00 by Hartbeespoortdam Police Divers.


The unknown suspect (drowned) was taken to Brits Government Mortuary for post-mortem and at the stage it is still not clear what could have been the cause to the death of the suspect(the deceased was found in possession of sword and cell phone when he was retrieved from the water). The other suspect appeared in Brits Magistrates Court for having been in possession of housebreaking implements because when he was arrested he had 2 Crow bars and panga in his possession. Investigation continues. Media statement by Mpeile Talane (WARRANT Officer) Corporate Communication South African Police Service Brits.


Broken palisade fence imposing danger

A broken palisade fence.

A broken palisade fence.

If we cannot apply proper maintenance to them. We definitely do not need palisade fencing as tall as this one. Our Brits Water Care Works facility has now turned into being a danger to the society with palisade fencing broken down and a terrible smelling coming out of the area.


What would happen if an animal or human was to walk right into the trap and get swallowed by the open big trench at the care works? Who is responsible for the maintenance of the palisade fencing? Is it the Local or Provincial Government.


Why spent millions of rands on a 3 metre palisade fencing instead of 1.5 metre or at least 2 metre fencing? Could this be another ‘tenderpreneurship’ that Madibeng is known of? What is it that is so important to protected that someone can steal. Can someone steal – that is inside the Water Care Works?


What is Madibeng Municipality doing when such things are not being taken care of? Should we as the public just keep quiet when we notice our municipal officials and councillors being forgetful of many important things in our community?


Not even a vulture or a fly would want to fly past the area or feed on what is available in the area. The smell is so disturbing that you can even vomit when passing close by. Our municipal officials and councillors are good at what they are good at.




Our municipality must start acting responsibly towards the public and take full account of all the challenges being experienced in the area. The Brits Water Care Works is supposed to be clean and every attempt should be made to ensure it does not cause an offensive odour.


Fencing must be constantly monitored and all the risks minimised so that everybody, including animals, can be safe. What has happened at the Brits Water Care Works situated at the Thabazimbi road just outside Brits CBD is unbearable and a total humiliationtoresidentsofMadibeng.


Our municipality has left the place unattended and the nearby residents are struggling to cope with the terrible smell coming from the area. Now the three (3) metres palisade fencing that was erected around the care works; the fencing that has cost millions of rands is now collapsing and posing a risk to the population and the animals around.


The main question is “Is our municipality going to be freed from these corrupt politicians and officials that occupy powerful positions in the council? Our municipality is allocated billions of rands every year for budgetary purposes but very little in terms of delivery can be shown.


In spite of the huge amount of money the municipality receives from the National Treasury, the Madibeng politicians and officials still demand more money to use for service delivery.


Building palisade fencing worth millions of rands and then cashing up afterwards is unacceptable. Instead, our municipality should create real jobs for the public and avoid wasting funds on unfruitful jobs costing millions of rands such as the collapsing palisade fencing.

Bapong Community Marches on Lonmin

Marches on Lonmin

Marches on Lonmin

Marches on Lonmin

Marches on Lonmin

Marches on Lonmin

Marches on Lonmin

Community members took to the streets after a disagreement between the Lonmin Management, Bapo Ba Mogale tribal authority and the community members over the said equitable shares and the plans to create more jobs for them.


According to members of the public, they had previously engaged with the mine regarding employment and the royalties. They further said that during the meeting the mine management promised the community to look into the matter and respond within seven working days.


On the 12th of June 2015, the community of Bapong held another meeting to check whether there was any reply by the mine. After seeing that the report was not available, they decided to engage in a protest and approximately five (5) vehicles burned down in the process.


The community accuses their tribal leader, Letlhogonolo Nthontho, at the tribal council of letting them down by accepting 2% of their royalties instead of 26% which were supposed to have been given to the community.


It is alleged that there is maladministration in the royal house, miss-communication between the mine and the royal house or maybe someone from the royal house was given a bribe to accept the 2% instead of the promised percentage?


The community has not been told the truth about the royalties given to them by the mine, therefore they have indicated that if no amicable solution is found by the mine they will seize the mining licence and stop Lonmin from operating.


At the time of going to press, there was no reply from the Lonmin mine and the tribal council at Bapo Ba Mogale tribal authority.

Fire Stars FC humiliate the opponents

Fire Stars FC humiliate the opponents

Fire Stars FC humiliate the opponents


Elandsrand FC got a hand full of goals on the 20th of June 2015 when they were hosted by Fire Stars FC at Oukasie Sports Ground at 3pm. The match saw Fire Stars FC wrapping up 3 points home by winning 8-0.


The Metropolitan League playing under Madibeng Local Football Association (Malfa) gave the most entertaining match when Thato Shai of Fire Stars FC missed too many goal scoring opportunities and only managing to score 3 goals.

Harry Shabangu, Jacob Masilo, Pogiso Lebethe, Kgothatso Monama also registered themselves when increasing the Fire Stars FC lead by scoring a goal apiece. A penalty was awarded to the mighty Fire Stars FC and it was taken by the number one Daniel “Spider” Rampau who netted the ball and guaranteed his side three points.


Fire Stars FC have five (5) matches remaining before the closure of the league. Head coach Mphahlele said that these rounds are the easiest of them all.


Meanwhile, Fire Stars FC winning the match against Elandsrand FC has placed them on position 2 of the league with Brits United FC being the leader on the league log. After the match against Fire Stars FC and Elandsrand FC, Brits United FC were supposed to play against Early Birds FC.


Early Birds FC players never pitched for the game and that made the Brits United FC winners of 3 points by virtue of   “walk-over system”. “This is just a disgraceful and unwanted win, we expect players to play and compete not to get free points, we need a challenge.” said Brits United FC coach Tshepo.Fire Stars FC humiliate the opponents

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Finding the sixth leg of the equation to a sustainable service provision for an enterprising Madibeng Local Municipality


Poor water services seem to have been canonized in Madibeng Local Municipality since 2002 when municipalities committed to providing piped water in dwellings from 4484 in 2002 by 100% in 2010 to 8968, and piped water on site from 3031 to 6062, neighbors’ tap and public taps from 296 to 592, water supplies by water tankers to communities out of reach or outside the water grid from 69 to 138. There are, however a number of privations for most municipalities including Madibeng Local Municipality in meeting these targets. Inventively, the local municipality has failed to do so due to the large proportion of deprived poor communities in the rural areas which are dependent on the “Indigent Grant” system, the volatility of the cross-subsidization function. Inferior financial management is however not the main reason for failure to provide water services to the beneficiaries[1]. It is obviated by the fact that there are three main sources of funding to cover the costs for water supply services in a municipality. These are equitable share (which is meant to cover the operations and maintenance cost of providing free basic water), the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) (for capital development) and revenue from water tariffs (for retail and bulk). One can easily without putting the numbers together qualify that there are sources of funding. Dwelling deeper into the ability of Madibeng to provide water services, it became noticeable that one leg of the tripod in the financing was broken i.e. the revenue from the tariffs, attributed to by the indigent population. This is however the ending to the analysis as there dependencies in the trilogy. The amount a municipality receives for its equitable share depends on the number of registered indigents in that municipality’s jurisdiction. In many rural municipalities, limited revenue is generated from water tariffs, so they become highly dependent on equitable share allocations. The equitable share allocation, however, depends on the municipality’s ability to count the number of indigents in their areas. These names are entered into a detailed register, which needs to be updated regularly. Maintaining the register is a demanding task and the number of indigent people in a municipality is often significantly underestimated. This makes for further problems with budgeting. Could this be the fourth leg of the tripod and can it be solved by simple system.   Prior to the the completion of the study, it was an unpretentious, “yes”. This was predisposition by the importance of cost recovery of at least the recurrent operation and maintenance costs of water services through direct user charges. If applied extensively, cost recovery could free up scarce budgetary resources for capital expenditure, allowing the extension of basic services to all South African households, which is a key objective of the government’s priority plans. Madibeng municipality, like many countrified municipalities, has to increase revenue generation in order to not increasingly depend on grants for funding its operating costs. This state of dependency coupled with under-pricing of services and high levels of uncollectable debts are associated with non-enterprising municipal. Even though, the communities might not be 100% indigents, those that could afford to buy basic services, are being classified as indigent due to the area being classified as indigent. It is however noted that even though these classification system needs to be carefully reviewed for long-term sustainability; the objectives of this study as summarized in this paper is not to conduct a detailed analysis of the indigent classification system. The question is how would the municipalities meet the service provision targets with limited resources? Is the indigent grant sustainable to meet the performance target? In responding to the question, this study examined the five factors contributing to sustainable provision of basic services in Madibeng municipality with an aim to support decision making at the local sphere of government to inform policy development at the provincial and national sphere of the South African government. The researcher used an Integrated Model for Sustainable Equitable Water Provision in Poor Rural as a tool assess the entity’s ability to provide sustainable water services. The researched assessed the six elements as key in delivering sustainable water provisioning in Madibeng. These elements are financial, policy and institutional stability, community willingness to contribute, environmental attributes, information systems management and asset management (project sustainability).


In the researcher’s opinion, financial sustainability is the foundation for sustaining water services. If water assets are to be sustainable, the on-going costs of operating and maintaining them need to be met. It would be not ideal to raise the initial infrastructure capital with focus on maintaining these future demands of the assets.   Although the government of South Africa has made an effort to enhance financial sustainability of municipalities through the Equitable Grant System, this system in itself has to be enhanced as it was established to ensure the provision of minimum, basic services and not the long term sustainability and upgrading of these services. The provision of these services to rural communities has to be cross-subsidized as these communities either depend on the social grant or have low level salaries. This cross-subsidization, is in itself problematic as it is not sustainable. The efficacy of the enterprising municipality stems from a community willingness to participate, account and to sustain. In this regard a community is singled out to be a sixth leg as it holds the municipality accountable. The general premise is that it would not be easy to hold someone accountable if one is dependent. Even though the researcher emphasized that the resilience of the community is dependent on the level of knowledge and understanding of the system, in order to drive the accountability levels, it is the role of municipality’s to educate the community on its responsibilities and accountabilities. In concluding, it has become prevalent that the community, does not take initiative to report on water problems. Even if the municipality communicates policy changes on billing and revenue collection, the communities are not willing to pay outstanding bills and for monthly usages. The officials agree that communities are not trained in water conservation and accountability processes. It should be noted that community accountability is highly dependent on the availability of credible knowledge and information, which is shared timeously with the community. It should also be noted that without the information, the community would not be in the position to participate and to account to their commitments. It should also be noted that in poor rural areas, accountability goes beyond financial accountability as it takes the form of taking active steps towards reporting on the status of infrastructure and maintenance issues, which is lacking. The Madibeng accepted the limitations of servicing people in the scattered rural settlements. There is an indication that the quality of services are not at expected levels as there is no effective maintenance of the water infrastructure systems.



[1]          used deliberate as water is seen as a basic necessity according to the constitution of South Africa and violating this, is consequential to imprisonment


Finding the sixth leg of the tripod to a sustainable service provision for an enterprising Madibeng Local Municipality complete doc.

Educational Youth Centre established

Executive Committee posing for photos

It was a mission accomplished when the two ventures, Discovery and Rise Again Youth Organization and Itsoseng Youth Community Projects joined together to form the Educational Youth Centre.


The two organizations offer the community support activities aimed at older children and adolescents. Depending upon the culture of the community, different services and institutions may exist for this purpose.


On the 15th of June 2015, they identified a location somewhere in a section called Phase 3 at Oukasie. The area was known to many as Old Phase 3 sports ground where the RDP housing project site office used to be situated.


According to the Line Manager Volunteer in the Love Life and a founder of the Discovery and Rise Again Youth Organization Mr. Tshepo Kwele, they have identified an area for youth centre and they further want offices in different organizations to run different programs to inspire and develop the youth.


“Our aim is to remove young people from the streets and introduce them to a healthy way by playing sport, health promotions, life skills and entrepreneurship. At the moment we are still mobilizing for some funds and resources.” said Mr. Kwele.


Collen Sethe, Chairperson at Itsoseng Youth Community Projects said that his organization has been in existence for over five (5) years now. It has participated in the 2010 World Cup Awareness at Oukasie sports ground,


HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns, entrepreneurship briefing sessions, fun run and fun walks for 16 days of activism. “We have planned to have sports council entrepreneurship combination centre, further participate in education, library for mathematics, mentorship, art and culture.”


“Our organization has a registration number – NPO 081/321, we have planned to engage with different NGO’s, community groups in the area and government institutions. We believe that the youth will get more opportunities to express their talents through competitions.”


“At the moment we are still mobilizing for some funds and resources, every individual, companies, organizations, businesses and the government who can assist can do so by calling the following numbers – Collen 0611731607, Tshepo 0728303333 or Matlhatsi 0760758367.” said Mr. Sethe.


Mmolutsi Matlhatsi a community member and President at Botlhabelo High School’s Rabican Different Species said that the centre will reduce the addictions and abuse among those vulnerable youth in Oukasie.


“As the youth we are the ones who can help build others goals through advice and education that we can provide to others. We strongly ask parents to support us in our endeavours. Our youth today do not have suitable facilities.”


“We do not have recreational parks and sports facilities that can keep us busy, we see lots and lots of teenage pregnancy in our society, what is very important is for us to achieve our dreams and goals. I was trying to open a youth company and this centre will help me achieve that goal.” said Matlhatsi.


Paballo Baloi, who completed her matric in 2013 at Botlhabelo High School in Oukasie said that she liked acting very much and the centre will help join together everybody who is into acting. “Youth must go to school, the project will help kids to go to school.” concluded Paballo Baloi.

life of Comrade Enock Seimela



Sanco Executive members

Sanco Executive members

On the 16th of June 2015, the South African Civic Organization (SANCO) together with the community of Damonsville in Brits hosted the memorial lecture on the life of the late comrade Enock Seimela.


The day was dedicated to the remembrance of the tragedy of 2014, where a number of comrades lost their lives amidst service delivery protests. The victims included, among others, Bro Mike, Mme Lerato, Jaconea Rabuke and Enock Seimela. Enock was shot by the police while trying to mediate between the community and the police during a march from Mothutlung to the Municipality’s premises.


SANCO extends its sincere gratitudes to the Seimela family for allowing their son to participate in the march. Enock was shot by the police with his hands up in the air attempting tostoptheprotest.Hedied in hospital afewdaysaftertheshooting.




Debra Mashego was given the orders to light the candle against xenophobia, for fallen comrades, for the bullets that killed the fellow comrades while striking for service delivery, for those who are affected and infected by HIV and AIDS and remembering those who passed away.


SANCO Chairperson of the branch Pasture Marema said that the organization is against corruption and they are determined to fight corruption in any way possible. “We are fighting corruption in Madibeng and we are also against drugs that destroys us especially our youth.”


“SANCO wants to know who from Madibeng Municipality gave instructions to the police to shoot those innocent protesters; Enock was shot because instructions were given. In 2016 we are going to vote ANC, the political party is transparent but someone inside the ANC is corrupt not the ANC.”


“Everything in the ANC is clear, someone inside the ANC is manipulating the system and we as the community must stop voting for corrupt councillors by voting for proper representatives. Better service to our community is our priority.” said Chairperson Marema.




Chairperson of SANCO at Ngaka Modiri Molema, Khumalo Molefe said that as SANCO they were verymuchconcernedbecausepeoplewerekilledinMarikana and various other places by the police. In his speech he made mention of, inter-alia, the following victims: Mmuse,Phala,Enock,Mike,Tatane.


“Do we have police to protect us or syndicates? No one was arrested for that matter, not even a police officer. Members of SANCO must have membership of the ANC so that we can have the answers to all those questions and concerns and are be able to identify quality councillors.”


“We want a radical SANCO but a constructive and reasonable radical. SANCO is silent regarding high rates of electricity, water, tax, e-tolls but this silence will soon change into constructive noise .” said Chairperson Molefe.


The Provincial Secretary Packet Seaketso emphasized that in the very same hall it is where Enock Seimela was elected as Chairperson in Damonsville. “We must meet with the General of the police to solicit an explanation from him to us regarding the police who shot Enock.”




“As SANCO we are not going to tolerate what other leaders are doing in the area. I understand that there is this so-called-leader who intentionally divides this community into two groups. He recently organised a party just next door while the community was commemorating the loss of fellow leaders.” said Provincial Secretary Seaketso.


Mr. Seaketso further said that the organization wants to mobalise and expose RDP houses that were given to the wrong people. An RDP house in Letlhabile was converted into a mortuary by a beneficiary and the scandal in Hartbeespoort dam over a land between the farmer and the community must be attended attentively.


Lemmy Seimela regarded his brother, Enock as someone with integrity, helpful and always advising the community. “He was a first born who was always into politics even back home in Limpopop. We are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is no more.”


“There is nothing that we received from the government; we are now hoping to see justice take its course.   My brother has left behind three boys who will always miss him.” said Lemmy.


Angry Residents demolish Apostolic Churches in Oukasie


Apostolic Churches in Oukasie

Apostolic Churches in Oukasie

It was an unbelievable outburst by the community of Oukasie when they attacked the Apostolic Churches seen on the outskirts of the area. This happened after a gruesome discovery of the bodies of two kids who allegedly drowned at Thatch Haven Lodge less than a month ago.


On the 14th of June 2015 the furious community members went around the area burning everything that was seen on the sites of all the churches including the crosses made out of wood and cloths and the colourful cloths covering the surroundings of all the churches.


Accompanied by the two Brits SAPS vehicles, the community accused the churches of using witchcraft, casting evil spells on the community, causing the continuous disappearance of school kids and also occupying the land illegally.


Some of the church members defended themselves by saying that they have been occupying the land legally and that they have been paying rent to someone from the municipality.” We are not going to be intimidated by the community of Oukasie.”


“If they did not want us to have church services next to them, they should have said it politely, not through physical outrage and violent demonstrations. We are human beings and we would have listened if they had approached us and told us to leave nicely.”


“Now I want to set the record straight, those allegations that we bewitch the South Africans must come to an end because we have no intention of doing such things. We did not kill anybody let alone young children for wealth, what we do is that we pray to God like any other church members on earth.”


“I am pleading with the community to leave us alone and focus on their development instead of running after innocent churches. We could be regarded as outsiders but I strongly believe that we pray the same God and we all deserve to pray.”


“Our churches do not descriminate against anybody; everybody is welcome. The stuff we use in the churches are not there to bewitch anybody or curse the community but it is what we use to express our faith.” said a Prophet.


According to Dean Ministries, One church that is fairly popular in South Africa is the Old Apostolic Church (OAC). The OAC has its roots in the Catholic Apostolic Church (formed around 1831, but after its last “apostle” died in 1901 it went into decline) which followed the Nicene Creed of 325AD (Catholic) and, like the OAC, is not an offshoot of the Reformation (or, Protestantism) but of Irvingism.


Hermann Niehaus tried to remove Carl George Klibbe and appointed Wilhelm Schlaphoff as “apostle” instead. Klibbe was excommunicated in 1913. So, for a while there were two NACs in South Africa. Eventually they came to an agreement in 1926.


Carl Klibbe’s church would be called Old Apostolic Church (OAC), Schlaphoff’s would become the New Apostolic Church (NAC). Today the OAC has around 2 million followers in Africa (South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi) and 30,000 in Europe; branches are in USA, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.


The OAC is divided into nine districts covering Southern Africa and Germany. Each district is run by the District Office, where the “apostles” work from. Each “apostle” has an Apostleship which includes a few Overseerships. Such an Overseership is led by an Overseer, Evangelist and Prophet. It is divided into many Elderships.


Enter the cult status. The core difference between the OAC and other churches is that it reads the Biblespiritually, rather than literally. In other words, you as a believer cannot simply buy a Bible and start reading it.


You see, every word that is written in the Bible is inspired by God, and for them this means it is deemed too holy to be read in the normal way. So whatever is written in the Bible, there has to be a hidden “spiritual” meaning for every word.


Meanwhile, one community member told Madibeng Times that she cannot state with absolute certainty whether the churches are the cause of every evil deed in their community. “Of course this people and their churches are surrounding us big time and that is a serious matter.”


“I think we should use facts instead of allegations to deal with this challenge, many community members will think that what we are doing is part of xenophobic attacks. At least we are doing it peacefully without vandalising anyone’s property.” said a community member. If indeed they are paying rent,then who accepts the money?

Apostolic Churches in Oukasie

Apostolic Churches in Oukasie